CJUS 601 Quiz 6

CJUS 601 Quiz 6 Liberty University

Set 1

  1. If you use geographic units such as nations to be sampled for comparative purposes, it is assumed that
  2. A juvenile court is assessing the impact of a diversion program. This diversion program curtails the use of secure confinement and increases the use of informal sanctions for minor delinquents. The evaluation shows that keeping minor delinquents out of secure confinements would not significantly increase the crime rate. The crime rate would remain stable because there are very few juveniles who would be eligible to participate in the diversion program. A citizen who is concerned about wasting financial resources argues that before conducting an evaluation of impact, the researcher should have conducted an evaluation of:
  3. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) stipulates that
  4. Which type of research is the preferred method for maximizing internal validity?
  5. Research that seeks to understand the structure, nature, or scope of a nation’s or nations’ criminal justice system is
  6. Information about service delivery system outputs, outcomes or operations is (10-4)
  7. Different cultural and linguistic contexts can limit confidence in
  8. When at least one or more elements of a true experimental design is absent, it is known as a
  9. The time series research conducted by Bye in 2008
  10. The goal of evaluation research is
  11. The bulk of the published evaluation studies in criminal justice are devoted to some type of
  12. The analysis of data that were originally collected by someone else at another time is known as
  13. Shaw and McKay conducted a landmark analysis in criminology on
  14. A type of evaluation research that is conducted to determine whether it is feasible to evaluate a program’s effects with available time and resources is known as
  15. The National Institute of Justice would like to request proposals for the evaluation of a police department’s mandatory arrest policy for domestic violence. The Institute is interested in a wide array of evaluation research. Describe four research projects that could significantly enhance our understanding of the effect of mandatory arrest policies for domestic violence. More precisely, describe one research project to evaluate impact, one to evaluate need, one to evaluate process, and one to evaluate efficiency.

Set 2

  1. Research tends to be considered historical when it:
  2. A small town police chief is interested in if his D.A.R.E. program is having an impact on his community, but is not sure that the program is suitable for evaluation. He needs what kind of study conducted?
  3. Utility is intended to ensure that an evaluation will:
  4. Propriety is intended to ensure that an evaluation will:
  5. The following question(s) are based on the following situation: The Children at Risk (CAR) program intervenes in the lives of high-risk adolescents 11 to13 years of age who live in severely distressed neighborhoods. Harrell and her colleagues sought to answer three primary questions: Did CAR youths and families participate in more services and prosocial activities during the program than youths and families in the control and comparison groups? Did CAR youths and caregivers have fewer risk factors and/or protective factors than youths and caregivers in the control and comparison groups one year after the program ended? Were CAR youths less likely to exhibit problem behaviors in the year following the end of the program than high-risk youths in the control group who did not receive CAR services? The third question is an evaluation of:
  6. Accuracy is intended to ensure that an evaluation will:
  7. Once coding procedures are developed for content analysis, their reliability should be assessed by:
  8. Research that seeks to understand the nature or scope of a nation’s criminal justice system is called:
  9. Which of the following would be the most appropriate source if a researcher wanted to study the content of routine presidential appearances before Congress?
  10. Historical analysis allows researchers to:
  11. Which of the following is a disadvantage of historical events research?
  12. The warden of a large prison has observed an increase in officer corruption in the last few months and wonders if the situation requires additional training. He might benefit from hiring a researcher to conduct a:
  13. “One of the largest” comparative research projects undertaken in criminology has been the development of the:
  14. The four general types of evaluation research include all of the following except:
  15. Design a research study using content analysis. Outline a theory, hypotheses, and a research plan. How might content analysis both help and hurt your project?
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