CJUS 323 Exam 2

CJUS 323 Exam 2 Liberty University Answers

  1. Problem-oriented policing means approaching issues and problems differently based on the uniqueness of each situation.
  2. Evaluations of the Community-Wide Approach to Gang Prevention, Intervention, and Suppression Program found all but which of the following?
  3. Studies of the specific deterrent effects of imprisonment generally show:
  4. Which of the following is NOT a key principle underlying successful rehabilitation according to Andrews et al.?
  5. The underlying philosophy of ________ is to encourage interaction and cooperation between police officers, residents, community groups, and other agencies to solve problems.
  6. Polvi et al. are credited with introducing the idea of repeat victimization. In their analysis, the risk of being a repeat burglary victim is ____ higher than expected by chance and this risk is more pronounced immediately after an initial burglary.
  7. The idea that a prior victimization or other factors identify a target as good for further victimization is known as:
  8. The best example of a Resistance Skills Training program is:
  9. Instances where respondents report multiple acts of the same type over a specific reference period in victimization surveys are called:
  10. Seeking to repair the harm done to the victim and community while also helping the offender defines:
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