CJUS 323 Policy Proposal Project

CJUS 323 Policy Proposal Project Liberty University


You have been elected mayor of the imaginary city of Pleasantville and are tasked with solving the crime problem. Design and present a policy proposal that will holistically address the issue. It is not essential that you come up with an original idea. As we will learn in this course, there are several practices and programs that have been found to work in preventing crime and delinquency. You are encouraged to replicate these programs (as long as you correctly describe their components, their theoretical rationale, and their evaluation outcomes).

Individual Paper:

Your paper must coincide with your assigned role as mayor, but the content of your paper may be broader. Your paper must answer the following questions:

  1. What is the problem your policy suggestions aim to address?
  2. Is there empirical evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of the crime preventions strategy you propose to implement?

You may propose a fairly specific program (e.g. Drug Abuse Resistance Education), a closely related set of programs (e.g., mentoring programs, family training programs), or a more loosely related set of programs (e.g., the war on drugs, gun control).

Outline the strategy you select and describe the strategy. Discuss the rationale or theoretical justification behind the strategy, the extent to which the strategy has been implemented, evidence on the effectiveness of the strategy, and any special disadvantages or advantages associated with the strategy (e.g., is it expensive, does it violate rights, does it have positive outcomes on other variables besides crime and delinquency, and your recommendations, etc.).

Include the following details:

  1. The paper must be 3–5 pages. There is no need to include a running head.
  2. Include a title page.
  3. Include in-text citations and a reference section at the end of your paper using current APA style.
  4. Your crime prevention policy proposal must come from a biblical perspective. This must be incorporated throughout your paper rather than simply citing Scripture references at the end. Generally, you must incorporate a biblical perspective and use a specific Scripture or passage of Scripture as your in-text citation.
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