CJUS 323 Exam 1

CJUS 323 Exam 1 Liberty University

  1. Identify the two types of evaluation, define each, and provide examples of each type.
  2. Discuss the media’s presentation of crime. What is reported? How accurate are the reports? What impact does it have on crime and fear of crime?
  3. Discuss the impact of neighborhood crime prevention on the fear of crime. Reference specific research. What are some of the problems/issues in evaluating neighborhood watch’s impact on fear of crime?
  4. List and define the 6 types of displacement. Give an example of each.
  5. Discuss Newman’s elements of defensible space. Define each term and give examples of each.
  6. Why should evaluations be guided by theory? What is the problem with ignoring theory when evaluating prevention initiatives?
  7. What do official data show about the level of crime and how it is changing? What criticisms/problems can be leveled against official crime data?
  8. What is the difference between crime prevention and crime control?
  9. Discuss possible reasons for the divergent findings about fear, victimization, and who is fearful.
  10. Define Crime Through Environmental Design.
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