BUSI 240 Quiz 6

BUSI 240 Quiz 6 Liberty University

  1. The gap between two clusters in a network is called a:
  2. The norm of reciprocity is a central and explicit theme in _____ strategies.
  3. A speaker can be more persuasive by warning the audience about potential opposing arguments. This is called:
  4. Which of the following is NOT a source of power in a social network?
  5. Which of these sources of power originates mainly from the person rather than the position?
  6. People have ______ power when others identify with them, like them, or otherwise respect them.
  7. involves actively applying legitimate and coercive power to influence others.
  8. At DoubleTalk, Inc., Joe, a supervisor, pushes his employees’ performance by constantly checking their work and threatening them if they fail to keep their deadlines. After months of mistreatment, the employees get together and sign a letter to the human resources department to express their grievances. What form of influence are the employees using?
  9. Krystal’s boss in the accounting department initially rejected her proposal for a new budgeting process. So Krystal spoke to and received support from the heads of two departments that would benefit from the proposed budgeting process. She also found support from several co-workers in the accounting department because they believed the new budgeting process would be simpler and fairer. When Krystal’s boss realized that several key people supported the new budgeting system, he agreed to test it in a pilot project. What other form of influence is Krystal using?
  10. Legitimate power occurs when:
  11. Extreme forms of _____ include bullying, such as through explicit reminders of one’s obligations.
  12. is an integral part of exchange.
  13. Which of the following best describes relationship conflict?
  14. Which of the following factors leads to relationship conflicts in teams?
  15. NewTel is a telephone company with a policy of filling positions internally through promotions, rather than hiring from outside. Until recently, the company had a strong engineering focus and tended to promote people into senior executive positions from the engineering areas. Consequently, almost all of the company’s 14 senior executives joined the company over 20 years ago in junior engineering positions. There is increasing pressure on NewTel to become more marketing and service-oriented. As a result, four people were hired last year from consumer products and retail firms to fill new senior executive positions in marketing and service management. The external hires were necessary because current employees were not sufficiently qualified. Now there are signs of tension among senior executives, particularly during budget deliberations where there is limited discretionary spending on new corporate activities. The four new hires have been frustrated in their attempts to have the company put more money into marketing and customer services instead of technology investment and blame the senior executives for being hard- headed. The conflict episodes are viewed by both sides as personal attacks rather than attempts to resolve the problem. The marketing executives and the other executives operate independently. However, they share the resources and money in the organization. This kind of interdependence is referred to as:
  16. Fun, Incorporated, a major gaming software company, is experiencing conflict between the young Internet-savvy employees who design the games and the older, less computer-literate executives who run the company. The company has hired team leaders who could work with the executives and who were also highly computer-literate. By hiring these team leaders as liaisons between the executives and employees, the company will:
  17. Employees at Charlotte International have been frustrated with the management on just about everything. The conflict episodes are viewed by both sides as personal attacks rather than attempts to resolve problems. Both sides have decided to seek third-party dispute resolution. Management prefers a third-party intervention that has high process and decision control while employees prefer a high level of process control and not decision control. Employees at Charlotte International prefer which of the following types of third-party intervention?
  18. Salespeople at Widget Co. complain that they lose sales bonuses when the production department is out of stock of a particular item. This sometimes causes customers to buy from elsewhere rather than wait for the next production run. Meanwhile, production employees complain that salespeople don’t appreciate the need to minimize inventory costs, for which production staff is rewarded. This instance is an example of conflict due to:
  19. Initial offer points, target points, and resistance points represent three elements in:
  20. Which of the following is a third-party conflict resolution strategy with low process control and high decision control?
  21. are employees who coordinate the activities of differentiated work units toward the completion of a common task.
  22. Which of the following immediately follows conflict perceptions and emotions in the conflict process?
  23. Which of the following types of third-party intervention approaches do managers usually adopt?
  24. What is the major function of integrators in an organization?
  25. Effective managers should:
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