BUSI 240 Quiz 5

BUSI 240 Quiz 5 Liberty University

  1. In team dynamics, process losses are best described as:
  2. Informal groups:
  3. A task force refers to any:
  4. Jafina works for a Sunshine Manufacturing, where her team shares a machine and materials with another team that works a different shift. Each team is responsible for ensuring that the machine is in working order and the work area is fully stocked before handing it over to the other team at shift change. While working, Jafina begins the manufacturing process, then passes her work along to her teammate, Georgia, to complete the next step of the process. After this, Georgia passes it along to Jeremy to complete the process. The way Jafina’s team functions is known as:
  5. Brooks’s Law says that adding more people to a late software project only makes it later. This law is mainly referring to:
  6. Which of the following types of teams are best known for having a champion who uses bootlegging to develop new products, services, or procedures?
  7. Production blocking and evaluation apprehension:
  8. Two company divisions produce completely different products but must seek funding from head office for a capital expansion project. The relationship between these two divisions would be best described as:
  9. Which of the following is not a factor that favors effective team behavior?
  10. Which of the following generally occurs during the storming stage of team development?
  11. Lorraine has worked at GHI Inc. for 14 years. GHI has a large building where each divisional unit is located on a different floor. Lorraine works on the accounting floor and belongs to the budget committee, where she met Sally from Engineering and Jonas from Receiving. This committee provides recommendations to upper management on various financial issues affecting the company. Each week, the three meet after work on Thursdays to play darts at a local pub. The three meeting after work to play darts is an example of a(n):
  12. Which of the following is a major problem associated with team building activities?
  13. John slams his finger while closing a cabinet drawer. Mary winces and shakes her hand. This is an example of:
  14. Communication noise can exist even when people speak the same language. This occurs because of the:
  15. Which of the following communication channels is most effective when the sender wants to persuade the receiver?
  16. Management by walking around refers to:
  17. What effect does emotional contagion have on the communication process?
  18. are collaborative Web spaces in which anyone in a group can write, edit, or remove material from the Web site.
  19. In Alphatech Systems, email software screens incoming messages by organizing them into mailboxes and identifying junk mail. As a result, employees in this company can quickly identify the most important email messages, and overlook the junk mail. This email feature improves communication by:
  20. Shanti recently went to a communication workshop to help improve her workplace performance. She learned that in effective communication, she should resist forming an opinion until the speaker has finished, then attempt to empathize with the listener, and finally effectively respond to the speaker. She learned techniques regarding maintain eye contact and sending back channel signals to show interest. When Shanti attempts to empathize with the speaker, this is known as:
  21. Which of the following is true about the organizational grapevine?
  22. The unstructured and informal organizational network that is founded in social relationships rather than organization charts or job descriptions is called:
  23. Active listeners improve their evaluating activities by:
  24. In the communication process model, “decoding the message” occurs immediately:
  25. Which of the following is an advantage associated with using written communication channels in persuading people?
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