BMAL 500 Quiz 1

BMAL 500 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. Horatio loves extreme sports and works as white-water rafting instructor. This reflects the values in the ____________ dimension of Schwartz’s model.
  2. According to the Ajzen model, someone’s intention to engage in a particular behavior is necessarily a strong predictor of that behavior.
  3. Tanya believes that people should be kind to each other. She notices that Ellie is picking on a new employee, Michele. Tanya asks Ellie to stop bullying Michele, but Ellie’s behavior doesn’t change. Tanya confronts Ellie and a heated argument ensues, after which Tanya suggests that Ellie transfer to another department. In this case, Tanya’s ________ are different from her values.
  4. Problem solving and critical thinking are ______ because they use logic and reasoning to develop and evaluate options.
  5. Unethical behavior erodes trust, but has no effect on cooperation in organizations.
  6. OB includes topics such as managing your peers and your bosses, as well as managing your subordinates.
  7. Which of the following is not a factor in contributing to employee engagement?
  8. Waco Company monitors employees’ perceptions of fairness by quarterly surveys and occasional focus groups.  Management is following the _____ model.
  9. Common sense focuses on the past, and because of this, it is strong in responding to the unexpected.
  10. highlight the fact that choosing among available options is not always a choice between right and wrong.
  11. Managers should attempt to reduce the negative effects of stress by improving job satisfaction and by encouraging employees to take work home.
  12. The idea that satisfaction results from the perception that a job allows for fulfillment of an individual’s important values is called “met expectations.”
  13. ______ is defined by restraint of actions, inclinations, and impulses likely to upset or harm others and violate social expectations or norms.
  14. ________ is the harnessing of organization members’ selves to their work roles.
  15. The first of the basic elements for selecting an effective solution is
  16. The _________ model suggests that managers should structure the work environment and rewards to match employees.
  17. The two basic dimensions of Schwartz’s value theory are self-enhancement/self-transcendenceand ethical/unethical.
  18. ______ is the extent to which an individual identifies with an organization and commits to its goals.
  19. Stress can have positive effects on certain OB-related outcomes. For instance, it is negatively related to absenteeism because people feel they have to work harder to meet management expectations.
  20. Chris, a manager, knows that one of his employees values achievement and power. Chris should assign the employee to a job that includes
  21. The components of engagement are urgency, being focused, intensity, and job satisfaction.
  22. Low job satisfaction and low employee engagement can lead to
  23. At work, Jenna always volunteers to help others on their projects. But, she really resents the extra work and constantly complains to her friends that she is doing everyone else’s job. Jenna is not _____; she needs to be more self-aware of what she takes on.
  24. Research shows that when an organization breaches a psychological contract,
  25. The first step in combating bullying is to document the event in writing, particularly if the bully is your boss.
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