BMAL 500 Quiz 3

BMAL 500 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. Of the following, which is the most closely aligned with employees’ perceptions of distributive justice?
  2. To minimize halo perceptual error, a manager should
  3. People who have a high need for affiliation make the best managers.
  4. __________ is defined as the physical and cognitive changes individuals make in the task or relational boundaries of their work.
  5. On the first day of class, Professor Simmons explains what the goals of the course are and what he expects of his students. This represents ______ of effective performance management.
  6. Victor seems to want to control others and often manipulates people for his own gratification. He exhibits the need for
  7. The sales department of a mutual fund firm sets goals for the next fiscal year to sell a certain number of mutual funds each month. The firm only sets targets, but provides no other details. These goals are _____ goals.
  8. The law of effect states that
  9. Collecting performance information from multiple sources helps a person being evaluated to get a broad view of his or her performance.
  10. Which of the following is not a tip for increasing goal commitment and success?
  11. __________ are the most effective schedules of reinforcement.
  12. Randall wants to put more variety into his assistant’s job by combining specialized tasks of about the same level of difficulty. This is
  13. As the mother of two small children, Jen struggles to make ends meet on her minimum-wage job. After paying rent and child care expenses, there is sometimes not enough money left at the end of the month to pay the heating bill. More than once the family has gone without warmth on cold nights, and she and the kids have gone to bed hungry. Which of the five basic needs is Jen struggling to meet?
  14. At Cornet Company, employees and teams had higher performance, greater job satisfaction, and increased organizational commitment when their managers showed ________ behaviors.
  15. Denise sets a goal of completing the literature review portion of her research paper by Sunday night. This is a(n) ________ goal.
  16. In _________ job design, managers change employees’ tasks with the intent of increasing motivation and productivity.
  17. _________ is behavior that is learned when one acts on the environment to produce desired consequences.
  18. In the leniency perceptual error, a person
  19. The two basic types of goals are
  20. ______ are the general criteria used for distributing rewards.
  21. The goal of the job characteristics model is to
  22. Pam is attempting to reduce her inequity at work by attending night school for further job training. In other words, she is trying to
  23. According to self-determination theory, a manager should provide tangible resources, time, contacts, and coaching to improve employee competence.
  24. _________ theory assumes that competency, autonomy, and relatedness influence our behavior and well-being.
  25. ______ is not a content theory of motivation.
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