BIOL 103 Quiz Animal Diversity

BIOL 103 Quiz: Animal Diversity

  1. ______________ have radial symmetry and sting prey with cells on their tentacles.
  2. Arthropods exhibit
  3. Choanocytes with whip-like flagella set up a flow of water carrying nutrients through the body of
  4. All of the following are used to classify animals into specific phyla except __________.
  5. Members of this phylum can possess a coat of hair.
  6. Which of the following phrases best describes an animal?
  7. Movable tube feet and radial symmetry are found in members of Phylum
  8. Arthropods possess
  9. Members of Phylum ______________ were observed in the human intestine.
  10. Some members of this phylum normally move about with a single, large muscular foot.
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