AVIA 444 Quiz Overview

AVIA 444 Quiz Overview and Components

  1. In the airline industry, what is generally the largest cost?
  2. Which of the following is a pilot licensing authority NOT responsible for?
  3. Under ICAO Annex 1, to exercise the privileges of a professional pilot, he or she must have at least a…
  4. English language proficiency would be required for which of the following routes?
  5. General aviation would include which of the following flights?
  6. Which is a calculation of the percentage of seats filled by fare-paying passengers on a leg of a flight?
  7. If a large company had to make many flights each month with 15 employees between California and Ontario, which of the following would probably make the LEAST sense in the long term?
  8. Which of the following would a pilot’s medical assessment evaluate?
  9. Organizations that wish to operate a commercial air operation, must obtain a(n)
  10. Globally, airline profits
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