AVIA 444 Quiz Midterm

AVIA 444 Quiz: Midterm

  1. Carrying passengers from a foreign destination to an air carrier’s home is which freedom of the air?
  2. What is NOT a component of an IAP?
  3. Which of ICAO policies are managed by the Air Navigation Bureau (ANB)?
  4. Which statement is correct?
  5. Generally, airport revenue streams can be divided into:
  6. When it comes to foreign object debris…
  7. If a large company had to make many flights each month with 15 employees between California and Ontario, which of the following would probably make the LEAST sense in the long term?
  8. The Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) is the national trade association that represents _______________ engaged in research, development and manufacture of aerospace systems.
  9. What FAA program responsibility is aimed at preventing criminal acts such as air piracy, sabotage, and extortion?
  10. Which of the following statements is true of airspace?
  11. International organizations play important roles within international air law. Organizations fall under three main categories. Which of these are matched correctly?
  12. The NTSB is required to determine the probable cause for military accidents.
  13. Which of the following is a pilot licensing authority NOT responsible for?
  14. The Air Transport Association of America (ATA) represents those airlines engaged in the scheduled air transportation of passengers and cargo in the local, feeder, and short-haul markets.
  15. A flight over an ocean with no land nearby would be under the guidance of:
  16. In the future, airports will need to weigh which costs?
  17. Organizations that wish to operate a commercial air operation, must obtain a(n)
  18. What is the name of a freedom of the air that allows an air carrier to transport passengers between two points within a foreign country?
  19. What is part of the role of a CAA?
  20. Where does the FAA trace its origins to?
  21. What covers the responsibilities for security, investigative and enforcement procedures, passenger civil aviation security service fees, aviation security infrastructure fees, protection of sensitive security information, civil aviation security, airport security, aircraft operator security, foreign air carrier security, indirect air carrier security, and aircraft security?
  22. Which of these is an example of supra-state?
  23. In the airline industry, what is generally the largest cost?
  24. If no clearance is required to y in the airspace, then
  25. Which of the following does NOT happen as part of the ICAO standards-making process?
  26. Aviation passengers are most familiar with the Airport codes identifying locations as produced by:
  27. What term refers to a type of a treaty that is sponsored by an international organization – typically signed by many States?
  28. When it comes to the history of airports, which statement is correct?
  29. In aviation, which system receives information from an aircraft’s onboard transponder?
  30. Aviation passengers are most familiar with the Airport codes identifying locations as produced by:
  31. With which of the following situations MIGHT a pilot still be legally able to operate an aircraft?
  32. The turnaround is a very important set of procedures for airlines, and includes all of the following things, except for:
  33. are geographic areas with clear borders in which a country is assigned responsibility for air navigation services. Which of these fits in the blank?
  34. Airport operations are divided into:
  35. What FAA certificate shows an aircraft passes ground and flight tests?
  36. If an airport provides direct connections to a train station, a heliport and a subway system, it can be considered a(n)
  37. In theory, what is an advantage of Global Navigation Satellite Systems?
  38. When it comes to foreign object debris…
  39. Which is a calculation of the percentage of seats filled by fare- paying passengers on a leg of a flåight?
  40. What actions does the NTSB take regarding safety?
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