AVIA 444 Quiz History

AVIA 444 Quiz History and Development

  1. What events in history have often been the catalysts to innovation in aviation?
  2. All member States are welcomed into the __________, ICAO’s sovereign body with decision-making power for the organization, which currently includes 191 States that meet at least once every three years.
  3. Which is NOT a main instrument of the Chicago Convention?
  4. International bilateral aviation regulations are called:
  5. Which statement is correct?
  6. Which of ICAO policies are managed by the Air Navigation Bureau (ANB)?
  7. Which of the following does NOT happen as part of the ICAO standards-making process?
  8. What was a development of a meeting in Paris in 1919?
  9. Which of the following did the Chicago Convention NOT accomplish?
  10. Which statement is NOT true of the structure of ICAO?


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