YOUT 201 Quiz 3

YOUT 201 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. Thanks to the internet, teenagers are:
  2. According to Dr. Vandegriff, spontaneity can be experienced in youth ministry programming, even if thought is given to structure before plans are carried out.
  3. “When it comes to parents being involved in student ministry they should not have to go through the same vetting process that any other volunteer goes through.”
  4. According to the author, there are some research studies that indicate that young people raised in age-specific ministries often don’t remain in the church once they are adults.
  5. “Spiritual formation is about drawing students to us as their mentors.”
  6. Before we can have any opportunity to minister and disciple teenagers, we must first have a basic knowledge of __________:
  7. Which is not a basic description of managing a small group?
  8. According to Dr. Vandegriff, student ministries that have large crowds without spiritual growth are partly responsible for the statistics on college students leaving the church.
  9. Which one of the following is a characteristic of a potential intergenerational volunteer for youth ministry?
  10. One way to lower the church attrition rate among wayward college students is to:
  11. “An Inside-Out Church primarily focuses on reaching the lost.”
  12. What distinguishes the church from social agencies that work with teenagers?
  13. The author mentions that for some reason, either unknowingly or with intention, past student ministry has overlooked the critical segment of parents.
  14. “Discipleship and evangelism are a part of the same process, and student ministry should reflect a healthy balance of both.”
  15. According to the author, parents with teenagers are automatically qualified to be involved in youth ministry.
  16. According to the author, it is wrong to think that youth workers can recognize bad parenting, especially those without children.
  17. And should go hand in hand.”
  18. Research has demonstrated that the consequences of parents yelling at their children is equal to:
  19. If parents do not create a safe environment for their teenagers that is free from judgment and verbal attacks, their teenagers will:
  20. It is part of the youth worker’s responsibility to aid teenagers to:
  21. According to the author, there are various qualities of vibrant spiritual formation.
  22. “Youth leaders are the key influence and influencers in the lives of our teenagers.”
  23. “If we are not speaking for transformation then we are just doing an academic exercise.”
  24. According to the author, parents of teenagers are looking for ways to connect with their teenagers.
  25. Youth ministries need the age, maturity, experience, wisdom, and resources of:
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