WRSP 101 Quizzes

WRSP 101 Quiz 1

WRSP 101 Quiz Foundational Studies of Worship

  1. To experience honest worship that is dynamic and delightful, I must . . .
  2. The text notes a key passage of Scripture instructing us to worship God in the beauty of ______________.
  3. The short definition of the word, “worship” is . . .
  4. God is more interested in us than in our commitment to form, tradition, a particular style of worship music, or established ecclesiastical norms.
  5. The short denition of the word, “praise” is . . .
  6. How did the disciples respond when Jesus entered the boat, calmed the sea, brought peace to their world and reassured them of His presence? (Matthew 14:22-32)
  7. In Matthew 28, Jesus ministered to the believer and
  8. Which is not one of the five ingredients for worship found in Psalm 96?
  9. In our lesson on brokenness we learned that to be broken and surrendered requires submission to the of God for YOUR Life!
  10. What was Jesus’ attitude toward the doubters in our text? Jesus shared with them, _________ and _________ alike, the Word of God, the Word, the Great Commission.
  11. As individuals, we should ask the Holy Spirit to break us of the pride, arrogance, and selfishness that drives us to love
  12. Honest Worship Involves Sincere, Unqualified Expressions of .
  13. In our lesson on brokenness we learn that to be broken and surrendered means you see God that God becomes ALL that YOU ever
  14. Seeing and recognizing Jesus as Sovereign God leads to Worship.
  15. We learned in our lesson on brokenness that only through the Power of the Redeemer can a broken life be
  16. In our lesson on brokenness, we learn that there is ALWAYS a paid when lives are broken.
  17. The key passage about proclaiming the Word of the Lord in our text is:
  18. As a worshiping people, we should be emotionally and of our formula worship and habit of meeting just for the sake of meeting.
  19. Honest Worship Involves a Sincere, Personal Evaluation of My Own
  20. We learned in our lesson on brokenness that Jesus is still in the business
  21. The word “Worship” is derived from:
  22. What was Jesus’ response to those that worshipped in Matthew 28? He promised His ______________ and His _______________ to go into all the Earth!
  23. The word “Worship” means:
  24. In becoming a worshipper, one must be broken in ________, broken of ________ and ________________.
  25. In our lesson on brokenness we learn that to be broken of self means you see God is all that YOU .

WRSP 101 Quiz 2

WRSP 101 Quiz Old and New Testament Worship

  1. The five books of psalms were written to correspond with:
  2. Which is not one of the lessons learned from Jehoshaphat’s war strategy?
  3. __________ led in the worship of the Israelites after God delivered them from captivity in Egypt.
  4. Out of the 38,000 members of the tribe of Levi, King David appointed ______________ to serve as professional ministers of music.
  5. In Acts 2:42, which of the following activities was NOT mentioned as part of worship in the New Testament church?
  6. In 2 Chronicles 20, God told Jehoshaphat to instruct the choir of worshiping singers to lead the army of Judah into battle while proclaiming:
  7. According to Whaley, the purpose of the exodus was to:
  8. Solomon’s choir at the dedication of the first temple had approximately 4,000 singers.
  9. The Book of Psalms is split into ___ sub-books:
  10. An important lesson that we learn from Acts 16 and the worship of Paul and Silas in the Philippian jail is that evangelism is most effective when it is an extension of our own worship – personal and public.
  11. The pattern for music leadership in temple worship is credited to:
  12. Two examples of stringed instruments mentioned in the Old Testament are the Psaltery and the “kinnor”(Hebrew word for) _________.
  13. Relationship is a key focus of worship both in the Old and New Testament.
  14. This biblical character started a music school and composed 12 of the 150 Psalms:
  15. The first description of worship in the New Testament church is provided in the book of _________.
  16. God used Jahaziel during a time of crisis to lead Judah to victory over their enemies through worship. Whaley identies all of the following as reasons God used Jahaziel, EXCEPT:
  17. The word “sing” is used ________ time(s) in the Old Testament. The word “singer” or “singers” is used _______ times, and “musical” or “musician” is recorded _________ times.
  18. The lessons that we learn about worship, through the Red Sea story, demonstrate how God (1) prepares His children to worship, (2) provides for His children as they worship, and (3) teaches His people to lift up praise to Yahweh.
  19. According to the reading, one of the characteristics of worship in the early church was the “breaking of bread.” Some commentators believe this is a reference to ______________.
  20. The first mention of music in the Old Testament is found in Genesis 4.
  21. In the New Testament, we discover that private worship is acceptable as a substitute for gathering together for worship.
  22. Which one of the following was not appointed by Chenaniah to serve as musicians to serve as musicians in worship under the rule of King David?
  23. __________, is considered to be the “father of all who make music.”
  24. David is the most prominent writer in the book of Psalms
  25. Miriam’s song of praise, following Israel’s deliverance from Egypt, proclaimed, “You are the highest of all the gods.”

WRSP 101 Quiz 3

WRSP 101 Quiz History of Worship

  1. The Pre-Reformation clergyman best known for his belief that the Bible should be available to all people and in a language they could understand, not just Latin, was:
  2. “The Lord Is My Banner” is:
  3. The Roman Catholic clergy (prior to the Reformation) saw all congregants as channels through which divine grace was transmitted.
  4. “The Lord, Our Righteousness” is:
  5. John Calvin felt that music was to be sophisticated and offered by trained vocalists and instrumentalists. The role of the congregation was to be spectators.
  6. Which of the following was NOT an influence upon evangelical gospel music of the mid 1930s to 1970?
  7. Historically, changes in music worship styles and open expressions of emotion accompanied every Great Awakening.
  8. Music and worship styles of the second Great Awakening were based primarily on popular music of the day composed by songwriters in Europe.
  9. The two basic forms of music and worship expression that owed out from the Reformation include:
  10. God Himself has no less than 12 Hebrew names that identify His character and purpose. “God the Mighty Creator” is:
  11. “The Lord, Our Provider” is:
  12. The “altar call” was a worship innovation of the third Great Awakening and was attributed to:
  13. The main ideas of the reformation were a call to purify the church, salvation by God’s grace and not by man’s works, and the strong belief that the Bible, not tradition of the church, should be sole spiritual authority.
  14. The New Testament focuses on music as a facilitator for communicating a vital, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  15. The Lord who heals is
  16. The Great Awakenings were characterized by a renewed commitment to personal evangelism, concern for neighbors and friends, passion for world-evangelism, and a sense of urgency to tell others about Christ.
  17. “The Lord Is My Peace” is:
  18. “Jesus-Salvation Now” is:
  19. The evangelist, Billy Sunday, partnered with musician, ____________________ in 1909 and ministered in large evangelistic campaigns across the United States.
  20. The evangelistic team most influential in bringing about change in music and worship during the late nineteenth century was Dwight L. Moody and Ira Sankey.
  21. In the New Testament church there is clear evidence of the styles of music and musical practices besides those that were in practice within the walls of the Jewish synagogue.
  22. “Jehovah-Lord” is:
  23. William Seymour was a key leader in the ____________________ Revival that had over a 90-year impact upon the way people worshiped in that day and paved the way for what is known today as Charismatic (or Pentecostal) worship.
  24. “The Lord Is There” is:
  25. Perhaps the most important innovation of the Pre-Reformation period was the invention of the printing press by

WRSP 101 Quiz 4

WRSP 101 Quiz Discipleship Principles for Worship

  1. All of the following are benets of sustaining a choir ministry as part a church’s worship team, EXCEPT:
  2. Every Christian has a vocational calling to serve as a leader of worship.
  3. As worship leaders who strive to connect people to God through music we need to ask ourselves all of the following questions, EXCEPT:
  4. When our love for God drives us to a position of service that involves every aspect of human life, we can effectively worship
  5. Dedicating careful attention to the congregational ministry of music and worship is a secondary focus for the worship leader. His primary ministry focus should be to develop the musical gifts of those who he/she leads on the platform.
  6. As we draw our attention to worship of Jesus, perhaps we should remember that _______________, ________________, and ______________, most often give evidence with a cheerful countenance or gracious attitude.
  7. When we worship through service we apply all of following biblical principles of Philippians 2, EXCEPT:
  8. Luke 17:11-19, provides an illustration of the grateful heart. In this account, Jesus healed ten men who were diseased with leprosy. Of the ten healed, only two returned to thank Jesus for their healing.
  9. Our ________________ of worship establishes and verifies our _______________ of worship, which then clarifies our __________________ for worship.
  10. Every Christian has a general calling to be a worshiper of God.
  11. In 1 Peter 5:10-11 we see how God prepares leader by a step by step process that encompasses, grace, perfecting, making strong, establishing, and sharing in His glory.
  12. The calling of God upon the life of Isaiah is recorded in what biblical passage?
  13. As God prepares worship leaders for a life of service, He uses ________________, ______________, _________________, and ________________________ as a means for preparing them for greater things.
  14. Worship through service means that worship is a lifestyle that begins with worship to the Lord and concludes with service to and with fellow servants.
  15. Which of the following statements is NOT characteristic of a vocational call?
  16. Establishing or renewing a ministry of music and worship includes: 1) _____________ the current situation, 2) ______________ where God is leading their ministry of music and worship, 3) ______________ qualified leadership, 4) _______________ a worship leadership team, and 5) ______________ organizational systems (calendars, ministry descriptions, etc.).
  17. There are two types of calling, a general calling and a vocational (specialized) calling.
  18. The job demands of today’s worship leaders have never been greater for the thoroughly equipped, comprehensively trained personnel assuming the pulpit and joining the ranks as “called out” worship leaders.
  19. To help keep worship teams aligned with the mission of the ministry, all of following aquestions are important to keep in mind, EXCEPT:
  20. The success of the worship leader’s ministry in any church has little to do with the nurturing relationship experienced with the senior pastor.
  21. According to Deuteronomy 6:2-10, worship pastors need to remind their families that they are to _______ the Lord, ________ God’s provisions, ________ through obedience, and __________ His promises.
  22. Which of the following best describes the spiritual responsibilities of the worship leader?
  23. The Bible provides direction for the pastoral role of the (worship) leader in which of the following passages of scripture?
  24. By balancing form and substance (embracing both God and the music of God) we carry out the principle of worshiping in Spirit and truth in our artistic expressions.
  25. In describing the calling of the worship leader, a good job description would include the following, EXCEPT:
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