THEO 108 Quiz 2

THEO 108 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. Existentialism paints a positive picture of man, holding out hope in man’s freedom to act.
  2. Besides Paul’s first letter to the church at Corinth, which book contains the other direct NT statement that humanity in general is in the image of God?
  3. According to Klug, there is a distinction between being created in the “image” of God and being created in the “likeness” of God.
  4. One of the original responsibilities of man was to make his headquarters in Eden and especially to care for this beautiful garden paradise.
  5. Kilner argues that _____________ contains the clearest statement in the OT regarding the image of God after the Fall.
  6. Aristotle confidently claimed that “man is the measure of all things.”
  7. Which of these is not one of the major views of the “Imago Dei”?
  8. The Doctrine of Man significantly impacts every other area of doctrine and theology.
  9. There is a substantial amount of evidence throughout Scripture that defines for us the image of God.
  10. Some evidence of “Special Creation” include the Hebrew word “yom” being used in Genesis 1 and 2 which means:
  11. When it comes to the present day condition of man, liberalism states, “man is dirt and therefore cannot be saved.”
  12. According to Kilner, because of the stain of sin, the image of God in man has been damaged.
  13. In Dr. King’s lecture he states, “We are not now what we once were.”
  14. In his article, Kilner uses the example of a/an ________ in dealing with the logical fallacy surrounding the image of God.
  15. Which theory that explains the Fall of man states that because of the unity of the human race in Adam, man’s sin is imputed to his posterity.
  16. This text speaks to the responsibility that man has as an image bearer.
  17. What is the theory that the soul is passed on through natural generations called?
  18. According to Klug, the philosophical views of man include all except:
  19. Which of the gospels traces Jesus’ biological line back to Adam?
  20. One of the trials that followed the fall according to our text was excuses.
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