THEO 108 Quiz 4

THEO 108 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. Cherubim are described as having four faces in the likness of various other creatures. Which of these is not mentioned as one of the faces?
  2. More than 15 individuals throughout the Scriptures met and were ministered to by angels.
  3. The Hebrew word for seraphim means…
  4. This term is translated as “angel” and most commonly refers to the “Angel of the Lord”.
  5. One of the names for fallen angels is “Shedim” which means:
  6. Prior to his fall, Satan was this category of angel according to Wilmington.
  7. The Bible is clear that each of us possesses a guardian angel.
  8. While angels minister to the lives of believers in many ways, one thing they do not to is comfort us, for only God can do that.
  9. According to Wilmington, the creation of angels took place prior to the creation of the earth.
  10. Fallen Angels experience emotion. Which of these is an emotion they experience?
  11. The name of the fallen angel who possessed the maniac of Gadara was:
  12. According to Elmer Towns, fallen angels/demons are capable of doing good but continue to choose rebellion against God.
  13. Much controversy has surrounded Genesis 6 and the identity of the “sons of God” who married the daughters of men. However, the widely held view in the early church was that they were fallen angels.
  14. Joshua testifies to this name/title for an angel.
  15. One thing that distinguishes angels and mankind is that angels are uncreated beings.
  16. According to Wilmington, one reason that we do not have to fear fallen angels is because the Scriptures tell us they are all chained.
  17. According to Elmer Towns, the opposite of “spirit filling” is being “demonized”.
  18. Which of these sources does not give us indication that angels gave the law to Israel.
  19. Every time an angel is mentioned in the Bible it is always masculine.
  20. Part of the ministry of angels is that they observe the people of God. Which of these is not something Wilmington mentioned as one of those observations?
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