THEO 108 Quiz 3

THEO 108 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. Throughout the Scriptures, we read of ________ heaven(s).
  2. This religious sect believes that someday God will blot out all sin and sinners and establish a clean universe again.
  3. According to our text, it was an almost universal belief in the early church that there was a Hell and that it is eternal.
  4. According to Wilmington, which of these men was not included on those who were allowed to gaze upon God’s throne?
  5. This individual taught “universalism” in the early church.
  6. This word for “hell” is found most often throughout Scripture.
  7. Being that Satan is a fallen angel, we know that he does not possess emotion.
  8. The name Lucifer means “night star and dark one.”
  9. According to Elmer towns, Satan has great power but we should not respect him.
  10. One of Satan’s Activities is that he is an imitator of God.
  11. Revelation 12 speaks to the future location of Satan.
  12. According to Wilmington, there will be two cities of God in the future. They are “Jehovah Tsidkenu” and “Jehovah Shammah”.
  13. Which of these views concerning the destiny of man stems from Hindu philosophy?
  14. According to Wilmington, there will be varying degrees of punishment in hell.
  15. Satan is mentioned in _______ Old Testament books.
  16. When it comes to man’s destiny, Materialism says, “I was, I became, I am, I care.”
  17. One of Satan’s limitations is that unlike God, he does not possess all knowledge and understanding. In other words, he is NOT….
  18. According to the lectures, one of the key verses that describe the reason Satan fell comes from _________ .
  19. Elmer Towns gives us “Four R’s” to defeat Satan. Which is not one of those “R’s”.
  20. In Heaven, we will have obtained all knowledge. Therefore, learning with cease.
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