SOWK 325 Quiz 8 Vulnerable Populations

SOWK 325 Quiz 8: Vulnerable Populations

  1. Which of the following is an effect of the aging process?
  2. According to the closing video, the following are goals of policies regarding immigration:
  3. Specific racial groups that have faced discrimination in our country over the years include all EXCEPT:
  4. In the closing video, Elke Cox speaks of the Bible’s view on being involved in civic life. She uses which of the following Scriptures?
  5. In the Rosaria Butterfield video, she encourages Christians ALL of the following EXCEPT:
  6. Important legislation for Native Americans over the centuries that was discussed in the video include all EXCEPT:
  7. In the closing video, race is discussed as both a social and biological construct (or idea).
  8. Barusch was quoted in the closing video as homosexuality having “evolving definitions” that people still today view differently. Which is the following is NOT one:
  9. According to Barusch in the closing video, the government has changed it’s policies over the years, as values and attitudes have shifted, to being more of an agent of healing than of oppression.
  10. retirement can be caused by not being able to find work, or can be due to disability or other factors inhibiting the ability to work.
  11. The video on the History of Civil Rights, included information on
  12. Which view sees that families should work together to take care of the needs of the elderly persons in their lives?
  13. Which view sees problems of the aged as stemming from a flawed economic system that pushes aside the old in favor of the young?
  14. The societal definition of aging may be changing, even if the _______ definition is not.
  15. Beth’s program, according to the video, takes clients through the process of:
  16. Which view attempts to work around the restrictions of the capitalist system without changing it?
  17. Which of the following groups is considerable more likely to be poor according to Administration on Aging (2011)?
  18. According to the closing video, people’s values and beliefs regarding homosexuality have significantly shifted over the last 50 years.
  19. In the video with Beth, she discusses that a big part of her job is working with persons who have:
  20. According to Beth, nursing homes and assisted living facilities generally accept both Medicare and Medicaid as payment.
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