HLTH 624 Quiz Midterm

HLTH 624 Quiz: Midterm

Module 1: Week 1 Module 4: Week 4

  1. In onchocerciasis control programs:
  2. Well water becomes safe if wells are dug at a minimum distance of:
  3. Concerning the provision of soap as an option for prevention of shigellosis:
  4. Malaria currently occurs in:
  5. Schistosomiasis is prevalent in:
  6. Clinical manifestations of malaria include:
  7. Management of diarrhea includes:
  8. The most common helminth infection of humans is:
  9. Shigella may be controlled by:
  10. Community led-sanitation is designed to improve sanitation by:
  11. Humans usually become first in contact with the schistosome when:
  12. The elimination of hookworm in many industrialized countries:
  13. Human malaria disease is caused by:
  14. Onchocerciasis:
  15. The vector of dengue infection is:
  16. The following water treatment method encompasses multiple different processes and products for improving the quality:
  17. Schistosomiasis is transmitted by:
  18. The vector of malaria is:
  19. New sanitation solutions in Africa:
  20. Concerning the model of the service delivery approach for delivering rural water interventions:
  21. Which of the following informal water service tends to be rarer than the other services mentioned below:
  22. Concerning shallow hand-dug wells:
  23. Hookworm infection in pregnant women:
  24. Bloody diarrhea:
  25. Guinea worm (dracunculiasis) disease may be prevented by:
  26. The “sodis” method:
  27. Breeding sites of the vector of dengue include:
  28. The major strategy(ies) to address trachoma control is (are):
  29. Sustainability of water supplies is:
  30. Concerning population in relation to water supply:
  31. Soil-transmitted helminthes:
  32. Concerning the water crises, which country or region has the greatest percentage of the population without improved drinking water?
  33. A large portion of diarrhea morbidity and mortality may be prevented by:
  34. Shigellosis:
  35. Chlorination:
  36. Dengue infections currently occur in:
  37. Concerning hygiene programs:
  38. Which of the following contributes to a protected well:
  39. A type of informal water supply business that purchases water from formal utilities for resale is called:
  40. Guinea worm disease:
  41. Concerning informal water service providers:
  42. Infectious diarrhea may be caused by:
  43. The best way(s) to protect both ground water and surface water is/are:
  44. The leading cause of diarrhea hospitalizations and cause of annual diarrhea deaths is:
  45. Treatment for dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever should include:
  46. Diagnosis of schistosomiasis is made by:
  47. According to the WHO and UNICEF an improved water source is/are:
  48. The schistosome will cause disease in the following organ(s):
  49. Traditional alternatives to municipal water sources, such as from rivers or ponds in urban settings is/are:
  50. Concerning boiling water:
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