SOWK 325 Quiz 4 Poverty

SOWK 325 Quiz 4: Poverty

  1. Steve said that the components that help people get out of poverty include:
  2. JC discussed that No Walls has a formal referral process if someone is in need of help.
  3. How many people were considered poor in 2013?
  4. Steve made the statement that welfare keeps people in poverty.
  5. Which of the following is true about poverty in how Steve defined it?
  6. In the video with JC on No Walls, JC talked about how God drew him into ministry. The following were a part of this:
  7. Which of the following describes what relative poverty is?
  8. Which of the following is NOT a disadvantage of being poor?
  9. According to the website, the Heritage Foundation is a research and education think tank that has information on many policies, including on the subject of poverty.
  10. Poverty, according to Steve, is defined in our country as absolute poverty.
  11. Which age group makes up the highest poverty rate in the United States?
  12. The website of includes the following except:
  13. Steve has been involved in urban ministry and promoting racial unity for approximately:
  14. Occupational welfare benefits include:
  15. No Walls is not just a group of individuals, but a group of churches that come together to promote racial unity and social justice.
  16. The website has information on:
  17. The official measure of poverty is
  18. How many millennium development goals were created in 2000?
  19. JC talked about several ministries that No Walls have done, including all EXCEPT:
  20. Steve, from the video, discusses that the following factor(s) have been shown in research to be directly linked to poverty:
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