SOCI 201 Annotated Bibliography and Research Paper

Liberty SOCI 201 Annotated Bibliography and Research Paper

Topic: Legality of abortion


The annotated bibliography will help to ensure that you use concrete evidence for your research paper. In order to create this annotated bibliography, you must find 5 scholarly sources that you plan to use in your paper. Each of your sources should be scholarly and published within the last 5 years. Remember that you can use the article you found for your article review as one of your sources. Try to organize your annotations by topic; this will be helpful to you when you compose your paper. Your bibliography will be graded based on its adherence to the rubric attached above, as well as to the guidelines explained in the APA manual.
For each entry–or source–on your annotated bibliography, you should:
Summarize the main idea in two to four sentences.
Relate the material found in the source to your research topic using an additional one to two sentences.
Add quotes that you may want to use in your final paper.
Evaluate the background of the author and the intended audience.
Point out the source’s potential usefulness to your research.

Final submission:
By the end of Module/Week 7, you should submit the final version of your research paper. The paper should thoroughly address your chosen social problem, investigate possible solutions for the problem, incorporate all of the sources that you included in the annotated bibliography, and have a properly formatted reference page. Remember that you should discuss the roles that the church, the family, and the community should play in the solutions to the problem. Additionally, be sure to incorporate biblical support for the positions and opinions that you express.

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