RLGN 105 Quiz 4

RLGN 105 Quiz 4 A Biblical Worldview and Grace and Redemption

Covers the Learn material from Module 4: Week 4.

  1. The coming glory of God as will be seen in the New Heaven and the New Earth will be ________________ in its scope.
  2. The “final judgement” will demonstrate the holiness and mercy of mankind.
  3. _________________ is the very center of God’s redemptive plan.
  4. As followers of Christ, we live by grace in a fallen world but in the hope (assurance) of God’s perfect future.
  5. When Jesus first was born in Bethlehem, God the Son become part God and part man.
  6. The author describes man as a “worshipping animal”.
  7. Although Jesus himself was never a sinner, he did nevertheless endure the sufferings and sorrows of life in a “fallen” world.
  8. GRACE is best defined as:
  9. According to Ryken, the gift of God’s grace is both personal (Individual) and communal (the church).
  10. REDEMPTION is best defined as:
  11. The Christian view is that a good moral life is the “ticket” to heaven.
  12. “Mercy” is when God does not give us what we deserve – that is mercy.
  13. The author describes “religion” as the great global heresy.
  14. Unlike the work of creation, “redemption” is something that we can do ourselves.
  15. Although nature can teach us about creation and the fall, only in the bible can we learn the truth of redemption by grace.
  16. God’s purpose it to “redeem” the universe “saving a sin wrecked creation”.
  17. One word that describes the “uniqueness” of the message of Christianity is
  18. Community life and relationship is important to God.
  19. “Common Grace” is
  20. The glory of Christ will include the redemption of our bodies and we will then enjoy the full resurrected life.
  21. This worldview believes that a person becomes one with the universe after death.
  22. Man’s righteousness is NOT able to make him presentable to God.
  23. RECONCILIATION is best defined as:
  24. Following the return of Christ, all humanity will stand before God as their judge.
  25. God’s goal from the very beginning was that we would suffer pain and death.


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