RLGN 105 Quiz 5

RLGN 105 Quiz 5 Secularism and Examples of Religions as Worldviews

Covers the Learn material from Module 5: Week 5.

  1. Once an individual becomes a Muslim, they have assurance that they will be accepted on Judgment Day and be allowed to enter Paradise.
  2. According to Secularism, God did not make man in His image; instead, man made God in his image.
  3. A Secularist believes in absolute truth.
  4. The world religions article identified Three Criteria for Truth. Logical Consistency, Viability and
  5. In the Christian Gospel we know that we have meaning because we know that God loves us
  6. Only Christianity contains truth.
  7. The term “Islam” means:
  8. Which worldview claims there is no God.
  9. An “atheist” is one who says there is sufficient evidence to show that God does not exist.
  10. The beliefs of Secularism include:
  11. The doctrine of the “Trinity” is a doctrine shared by both Islam and Christianity.
  12. A uniqueness of Christianity is that Jesus is not a mere manifestation or representative of God but rather he is the incarnation of God.
  13. The God of the Bible, worshipped by Christians, and the God of the Qur’an (Koran), worshipped by Muslims, is the same God.
  14. According to World Religions Overview, Atheism is similar to Monism where the substance is spirit, with Atheism it is matter (or energy).
  15. The Christian Worldview is the only worldview that is exclusive i.e. that its way is the only right way.
  16. Siddhartha Gautama ,who became the founder of what became Buddhism, claimed that Hinduism was just as true as his new teachings.
  17. When evangelizing, it can be valuable in your presentation to speak to the personal nature of the Christian God.
  18. Humanity has suppressed the truth of God in two ways. Suppression of his _____________ his
  19. Muslims do not believe in the virgin birth of Jesus.
  20. The Second Law of Thermodynamics gives evidence that the universe has not always existed.
  21. In Islam, Jesus is considered to be a prophet but not the Son of God.
  22. The invention of the Gutenberg printing press influenced both the Reformation and the Renaissance.
  23. According to the article of Secularism, belief in (the theory of) Evolution is ultimately based upon faith.
  24. Who said,“I think therefore I am”which caused him to become a religious reformer
  25. According to the article of Secularism, belief in (the theory of) Evolution is ultimately based upon faith.
  26. An “agnostic” is a person who believes that God exists but does not think there is enough evidence to prove He exists.
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