RLGN 104 Test 1

RLGN 104 Test 1 Liberty University

  1. When Jesus presented the gospel most people accepted it the first time they heard it.
  2. According to Powell, “reason” is not the enemy of “faith”.
  3. Ignatius was the Bishop of what ancient city?
  4. This course (Apologetics 104) will be approaching the issue of “worldview”
  5. When Jesus healed the crazed man who lived in a graveyard near Decapolis the people of the city:
  6. When Jesus spoke as “one who had authority”:
  7. One of the first tasks of Christian apologetics is to provide information.
  8. A translation of the Bible is most accurate when translated by one, highly educated, highly qualified individual.
  9. According to Dr. Weider the Christian faith is both reasonable and defendable.
  10. Upon returning to the Decapolis region a second time after healing the crazed man who had been cutting himself with rocks, Jesus:
  11. Christian faith is simply a personal preference, a function of how one was raised, and a worldview that is only supported by emotional considerations.
  12. A Biblical Worldview is a perspective or viewpoint based upon the teachings of the Bible.
  13. The church fathers showed that they understood the importance of Jesus’ historicity when they crafted the _______________ Creed
  14. The story of Ignatius is significant in that he was willing to go to his death proclaiming…
  15. When presenting the gospel to people Christians should be:
  16. In describing “truth”, Powell states:
  17. Preaching “the Word” only refers to the Old Testament since the writing of II Timothy 4:2 was before the New Testament was completed.
  18. Hermeneutics is the method of interpreting the Bible.
  19. The Christian worldview is verified by appealing to a wide and compelling variety of converging arguments.
  20. According to Dr. Lee Strobel, historical truth is not relevant or important to Christianity.
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