APOL 220 Quiz 1

APOL 220 Quiz 1 Liberty University Answers

  1. Apologetics is meant to clear the debris that obstructs an accurate view of the gospel, and it is meant to be grounded in and be a servant to the gospel.
  2. Out of the three kinds of doubt—historical, emotional, volitional—which did Habermas say was the most common, most painful, and least dangerous?
  3. 1 Peter 3:15 can be considered a proof-text for apologetics.
  4. Doubt is:
  5. The tone and conscience of an apologist matters little, but the content matters greatly.
  6. According to the reading, apologetics
  7. Faith and doubt are mutually exclusive.
  8. According to the reading, the gospel can be summarized as: God’s accounts of his saving activity in Jesus the Messiah, in which, by Jesus’ death and resurrection, he atones for sin and brings new creation.
  9. In our age of skepticism and doubt, often people will not listen to the “what” until you give them the
  10. There is no need to pit apologetics against
  11. Apologetics is only an individual activity.
  12. According to Peter, God has called believers out as a community to suffer well for the gospel.
  13. There is a difference between truth and the ability to which we can know it.
  14. According to Habermas, if the deity, death, and resurrection of Jesus are true, then _________ is true.
  15. Part of a definition of the gospel is saying that apologetics is the gospel.
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