PSYC 575 Quiz Human Memory

PSYC 575 Quiz: Human Memory: Retention and Retrieval, Problem Solving, and Expertise

Covers the Learn material from Module 5: Week 5 — Module 6: Week 6.

  1. Neuroimaging studies suggest that implicit memories are stored in the:
  2. Huntington’s disease is characterized by:
  3. In a typical interference experiment, which group performs the POOREST?
  4. In Reder and Ross’s (1983) experiment, they found that, in the plausible retrieval condition, participants’ response times:
  5. The hippocampus:
  6. Knowing what a chair is would be considered an example of _____ memory.
  7. Wixted, Mickes, and Fisher (2018) argue that care should be taken to preserve memories, just as major precautions need to be taken not to contaminate:
  8. Procedural memory is another type of _____ memory.
  9. New explicit memories are:
  10. Godden and Baddeley (1975) found that participants recalled:
  11. Time needed to recognize a concept will increase if the number of its associated items increases. This is the:
  12. Some adults who remember instances of sexual abuse from their childhood may be mistaken about the accuracy of their memory. This is known as:
  13. Wickelgren’s measure of memory strength is known as:
  14. When solving a problem, the problem solver is engaged in a:
  15. How did Sarah, Premack’s chimpanzee, perform on analogy-solving tasks?
  16. The BEST explanation for incubation effects relates them to:
  17. Novel tool building is an instance of:
  18. Humans tend to select the operator that MOST reduces the difference between the current state and the goal. This is referred to as:
  19. Which of the following is NOT a way to acquire new problem-solving operators?
  20. The Tower of Hanoi problem is solved by adopting a _____ strategy.
  21. According to Daw and colleagues (2005), one basis for learning operators involves the _____, where simple associations are gradually reinforced.
  22. refers to an action that will transform the problem state into another problem state.
  23. According to Halford (1992), what is the hallmark of human cognition?
  24. People have trouble solving a problem at points where the correct solution involves increasing the difference between the current state and the:
  25. When Gick and Holyoak (1980) read participants the story about the general and the dictator, and then gave them Duncker’s (1945) ray problem, what did they find was essential for participants to achieve success?
  26. What kind of problem did Whitaker, Vendetti, Wendelken, and Bunge (2018) ask their research participants when presenting them with visual stimuli such as “dress is to closet as milk carton is to what”?
  27. Private human tutoring is:
  28. Experts seem to display a special enhanced memory for:
  29. Performance of a cognitive skill improves as a power function of:
  30. In the _____ stage of skill acquisition, connections among the elements required for successful performance are strengthened.
  31. By providing feedback on learning, intelligent tutors:
  32. Chris can type quickly, without looking at the keyboard. He is in the _____ stage.
  33. Neil is an expert in physics. When solving problems, Neil can apply approaches successful in:
  34. According to the _____, the transfer of skills will span domains that have no content in common.
  35. According to Hayes (1985), no one reaches genius level without at least _____ years of practice.
  36. Which area of the brain is involved in representing a problem internally?
  37. The process by which people switch from explicit use of declarative knowledge to direct application of procedural knowledge that enables them to perform a task without thinking about it is known as:
  38. After Chris learns the locations of the keyboard keys, he learns to use the Shift and Control keys. He is in the _____ stage.
  39. According to the _____, studying esoteric subjects serves to discipline the mind.
  40. The process of converting declarative knowledge into procedural knowledge is called:
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