PSYC 575 Quiz Perception

PSYC 575 Quiz: Perception, Attention & Performance, and Mental Imagery

  1. According to _____, psychologists should NOT try to analyze the working of the mind.
  2. Billy and Mac were in a car accident. Oddly, Billy suffered damage to Broca’s area, while Mac suffered damage to Wernicke’s area. As a result:
  3. relies on the fact that there is more oxygenated hemoglobin in regions of greater neural activity.
  4. Cells of the nervous system communicate by releasing chemicals called:
  5. Cognitive science does NOT integrate research efforts from which field?
  6. Transcranial magnetic stimulation is used to:
  7. The text recommends the PQ4R study technique for better retention of material, where the acronym PQ4R means:
  8. An axon’s _____ of firing determine(s) how it will affect nearby cells to which it synapses.
  9. _____ records the electrical potentials that are present on the scalp.
  10. Brodmann (1909/1960) identified _____ distinct regions of the human cortex based on differences in the cell types in various regions.
  11. When we listen to a foreign language, the flow of speech sounds like a continuous stream. This illustrates:
  12. The optic chiasma is a point where the:
  13. According to _____, patterns are recognized by the combination of their elemental features.
  14. Some sounds are produced by closing the lips, while other sounds are produced by pressing the tongue against the teeth. These are differences in the:
  15. Segments of the primary visual cortex, hypercolumns, represent:
  16. The analysis by synthesis theory of categorical perception of speech asserts that:
  17. The fovea is a spot in the retina where:
  18. The notion of template matching in pattern recognition can be likened to:
  19. Voice-onset time refers to:
  20. With regards to speech perception, the McGurk effect illustrates:
  21. Studies of visual neglect provide evidence for:
  22. Which statement concerning divided-attention (e.g., shadowing) experiments is NOT true?
  23. The points at which it is no longer possible to continue processing all information in parallel are referred to as:
  24. Patients with parietal lobe injury generally have difficulty disengaging attention from visual information:
  25. When visual stimuli are presented off the foveal fixation point, subjects:
  26. In studies of dichotic listening, psychologists have found that the subjects could:
  27. Danny is replicating the attenuation theory in the laboratory. If this theory is to be proven correct, what part of the brain should show an enhancement in processing after stimulus onset?
  28. What is the term used by cognitive psychologists studying perception to describe the difficulty of how the brain puts together various features in the visual field?
  29. Taylor has misplaced her keys and is finding it problematic to look for them in areas she has already searched. What is this difficulty in returning her attention to already searched areas known as?
  30. Some evidence for object-based attention involves the phenomenon of:
  31. Kozhevnikov, Blazhenkova, and Becker (2010) found that students specializing in science tend to score _____ on object visualization and _____ on spatial visualization.
  32. Roland and Friberg’s study showed that:
  33. When Stevens and Coupe (1978) presented congruent or incongruent maps to people and asked them to make judgments about the location of cities, they found that:
  34. Which brain structure has been strongly implicated in the ability to navigate through the environment using a map?
  35. A mental experience that does NOT have any functional role in information processing is referred to as a(n):
  36. Santa presented an array of three words arranged in a spatial configuration and then tested subjects with either a spatial configuration or a linear arrangement of the words. The results showed that:
  37. What area of Kitty’s brain is stimulated as she tries to recognize the faces of her childhood friends?
  38. Santa presented an array of three geometric objects and then tested subjects with either the same configuration or a linear rearrangement of the objects. The results showed that:
  39. When asked to estimate the size of two animals, subjects generally:
  40. With regard to navigation, cognitive psychologists differentiate between representing space as we see it (_____ representation) and representing space free of any particular viewpoint (_____ representation).
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