PSYC 380 Exam 2

PSYC 380 Exam 2 Liberty University

  1. Dyes such as cresyl violet are useful for staining
  2. The pseudorabies virus is useful
  3. Light microscope images are to electron microscope images as
  4. Which of the following procedures can be used to activateneurons?
  5. Which of the following techniques would be used to trace efferent axons from a brain region to other brain regions?
  6. A key advantage of the microdialysis technique is that
  7. Which of the following techniques creates a brain lesion by overstimulating neurons to death?
  8. The ________ technique uses X-rays to generate an image of the living human brain.
  9. Imagine that feeding behavior was eliminated when a radio-frequency lesion was used to damage the lateral hypothalamus of a rat, which suggested that cells within this region initiate feeding. If a subsequent study failed to observe a change in feeding after injection of kainic acid into the lateral hypothalamus, what conclusion would be appropriate?
  10. EEG recordings are useful for
  11. The three numbers listed on a page of a stereotaxic atlas describe
  12. Which of the following is true of the interaction of magnetic fields and brain function?
  13. A(n)_____ refers to one of several forms of a gene.
  14. Damage to the ventrolateral preoptic area would be expected to
  15. The primary symptom of REM-sleep behavior disorder is(are)
  16. The “ticking” of a clock cell within the SCN appears to involve
  17. A common treatment for sleep apnea is
  18. According to Saper, mutual inhibition of the vlPOA by cells of the locus coeruleus and raphe nuclei may result in
  19. The ________ contains the primary biological clock that controls sleep-wake cycles in the rat.
  20. The REM-OFF cells receive excitatory input from
  21. The ________ pattern of EEG activity is characterized by irregular, high-frequency (13-30 Hz), low-amplitude waves.
  22. About ________ of the population experience insomnia as a persistent problem while ________ experience insomnia on an occasion.
  23. Signs of cortical arousal in the EEG are reduced by
  24. The suprachiasmatic nucleus controls circadian rhythms via
  25. Beta brain wave activity is not a reliable indicator of being awake because
  26. Infusion of the transmitter substance ______ induces wakefulness.
  27. Which of the following is true of the sex chromosomes?
  28. Twin studies indicate that
  29. Female sexual behavior is suppressed by
  30. The correct sequence of neural pathways that control the muscles responsible for lordosis in female rats is
  31. The principle that best describes an organizational effect of androgens that enables an animal to engage in male sexual behavior during adulthood is
  32. Which statement best describes the Bruce effect?
  33. Lordosis is considered to be a
  34. A human female is more likely to initiate sexual activity with her partner
  35. Menstruation is triggered by
  36. An androgen that promotes the prenatal development of the Wolffian system is said to have a(n)
  37. A female rat is ovariectomized and then injected with testosterone immediately after birth. In adulthood, this rat is injected with testosterone and placed in a cage with a receptive female rat. This female rat will
  38. Drugs that act as ______ can impair ______ in males.
  39. Which of the following is a factor that can blunt the reduced sex drive observed in males who have experienced reduced plasma testosterone levels?
  40. The key difference that distinguishes the menstrual cycle from an estrous cycle is that
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