PSYC 380 Exam 3

PSYC 380 Exam 3 Liberty University

Set 1

  1. To measure fear or anxiety in both humans and nonhumans, researchers measure variations in an individual’s ____.
  2. Increased activity of the frontal and temporal lobes of the right hemisphere is associated with the ____.
  3. If a hamster in its home territory attacks an intruder, what will the hamster do if a second intruder arrives shortly after the first intruder leaves?
  4. Alberta has Urbach-Wiethe disease. As a result, she has damage to her ____ and cannot process ____.
  5. Activity in the left hemisphere is associated with ____.
  6. The amygdala sends axons to the ____, which in turn sends axons to the pons to control the startle reflex.
  7. A research study linked different genes for the enzyme MAOA to the probability of antisocial behavior. The effect of the gene varied from small to great, depending on what?
  8. Which effect is likely to result from damage to the amygdala?
  9. Tanner has been convicted of violent crimes. Given what is known, what is most likely true about Tanner?
  10. The immune system’s way of telling the brain that the body is ill is by way of ____.
  11. The sympathetic nervous system is to ____ as the parasympathetic nervous system is to ____.
  12. Kimiko has had spinal cord damage and has no movement or sensations from her injury down. Scientists have shown that individuals like Kimiko _____
  13. Dwayne sometimes experiences periods of stress. As a result, the stress ______.
  14. Stress activates two systems. One is the ____.
  15. Which type of leukocyte matures in the bone marrow and produces antibodies to attack specific targets?
  16. Hans Selye’s defined stress in terms of ____.
  17. The term “serotonin turnover” refers to the amount of serotonin that is ____.
  18. The group of forebrain structures that appear to be critical for emotion comprise the ____.
  19. Which type of leukocyte attaches to an intruder and produces a specific antibody to attack the intruder’s antigen?
  20. Which of the following is characterized by extreme sympathetic nervous system arousal?
  21. Most researchers now believe that the accumulation of amyloid and tau protein ____.
  22. Alzheimer’s is associated with brain damage as a result of ____.
  23. The general function of working memory is to ____.
  24. A rat must swim through murky water to find a rest platform that is just under the surface in the ____.
  25. The cortex works as a whole, and the more cortex the better, defines ____.
  26. Kandel won a Nobel Prize for his work studying the _____ in Aplysia.
  27. Elmer has Korsakoff’s syndrome. He is likely to experience ____.
  28. Lashley found that a deep cut in a rat’s cerebral cortex completely eliminated the effects of learning under what circumstances, if any?
  29. Humans differ from chimpanzees in two genes responsible for ______ transport.
  30. Lashley trained rats on a variety of mazes, then made deep cuts in their cortexes. He found that the cuts produced ____.
  31. During habituation of the gill-withdrawal reflex in Aplysia, the change in the nervous system takes place at the ____.
  32. Shanna has Korsakoff’s syndrome. She couldn’t remember what she did last night, so she guessed what she did and told her friend she went to the park. Shanna’s story about the park is an example of ______.
  33. Rhett is studying for a quiz on intelligence. He writes in his notes that although it shouldn’t be used to make decisions about an individual, _____ seems to be a reasonable correlate of intelligence.
  34. What is one explanation for why Lashley failed at finding the engram?
  35. One line of research that initially appeared promising, but has since faded, was to study learning in decapitated ____.
  36. Nanci was adopted. When she was young, her IQ score was more similar to her _____ parents. As she grew older, her IQ became more similar to her ____ parents.
  37. When Penfield stimulated the temporal cortex of alert and awake brain surgery patients, he found that they ____.
  38. What area of the brain is particularly important for coding spatial information?
  39. Hebb believed that short-term memory ____.
  40. People with damage in the anterior temporal cortex suffer ____.

Set 2

  1. In the revised James-Lange theory of emotion, what occurs first?
  2. Activity in the left hemisphere is associated with ____.
  3. Why do individuals with prefrontal cortex damage often make bad decisions?
  4. Which evidence is most detrimental to the James-Lange theory?
  5. The term “serotonin turnover” refers to the amount of serotonin that is ____.
  6. Who is most likely to have the strongest startle reflex?
  7. Which effect is likely to result from damage to the amygdala?
  8. Impulsive behavior and poor decisions are common symptoms of ____.
  9. An experimental drug, Ro15-4513, has been shown to block the behavioral effects of ____.
  10. Under what circumstances do the criminal behaviors of monozygotic twins resemble each other more than dizygotic twins?
  11. The parasite Toxoplasma gondii is able to reinfect cats when the cats ____.
  12. Startle responses are greater when a person is ____.
  13. After a loud noise, information travels from the medulla to the ____, and then to the neck muscles.
  14. The area that is activated by feeling disgusted is the same area of the brain responsible for ____.
  15. Lanny has damage to his amygdala. He now has trouble with _____.
  16. Dorie has had several BOTOX injections. Scientists would predict that shortly after her injections, Dorie _____.
  17. Across studies involving amygdala damage, the general conclusion seems to be that the amygdala is important for
  18. Findings from people with pure autonomic failure suggest that ____.
  19. Stephan is experiencing a lot of stress. His adrenal gland is likely releasing _____.
  20. Charlene is participating in a research study where she is looking at pictures of emotional facial expressions. While looking, she would have increased activity in her _____.
  21. Retrograde amnesia is to ____ as anterograde amnesia is to ____.
  22. A rat with hippocampal damage has difficulty with the Morris water maze because it ____.
  23. Producing long-term potentiation of cells in the mammalian nervous system requires ____.
  24. Research indicates that the red nucleus is necessary for ____.
  25. What is believed to be the likely cause of plaques?
  26. Mila gives her child candy after she cleans up her room. The candy is an example of _____.
  27. What type of deficiency causes Korsakoff’s syndrome?
  28. One ironic but interesting finding is that people with amnesia will improve on ____ tasks, but have no ____ memory with respect to the task.
  29. Procedural memory is to ____ as declarative memory is to ____.
  30. The patient H.M. suffered severe memory disorders following a surgical operation that removed the ____.
  31. Individuals with Korsakoff’s syndrome are similar to people with damage to the ____.
  32. Hippocampal damage has the greatest effect on ____.
  33. Most researchers now believe that the accumulation of amyloid and tau protein ____.
  34. Alzheimer’s leads to the accumulation of ____ in the brain.
  35. Alzheimer’s is associated with brain damage as a result of ____.
  36. Which action is most difficult to classify as classical or instrumental conditioning?
  37. Professor McDougle tells her class that a Hebbian synapse is one that can ____.
  38. A rat must swim through murky water to find a rest platform that is just under the surface in the ____.
  39. There is compelling evidence for the role of the hippocampus in ____ memory.
  40. If a stimulus is presented repeatedly, followed by no other stimulus, the animal will gradually stop responding. This is known as

Set 3

  1. Phineas Gage, who was injured when a steel rod was accidentally driven through his skull, exhibited capricious, emotional behavior (in part) as a result of widespread damage to his
  2. In the case of patient S.P., bilateral damage to the ________ resulted in ________.
  3. Individual neurons within the amygdala are activated by
  4. PET studies indicate that the comprehension of emotion from tone of voice is associated with increased activity of the
  5. Which of the following is a function of the right hemisphere?
  6. Neurons within the ______ are important for the extinction of a CER.
  7. After damage to her ______, Patient I.R. showed impaired ability to _______.
  8. Which of the following would be expected in a rat after infusion of glutamate into the central nucleus of the amygdala?
  9. According to the James-Lange theory, feelings of emotions are
  10. Damage to the ________ neurons of the forebrain would be expected to ________ aggressive attack.
  11. Which of the following best describes the changes produced by damage involving the prefrontal cortex in the patient described by Eslinger and Damasio (1985)?
  12. Which of the following is true of the role of the amygdala in recognition of emotion?
  13. Damage to the _______ would produce difficulty in recognizing facial emotion in another person.
  14. Patient H.M. is able to perform all of the following tasks quite well EXCEPT
  15. Long-term potentiation is associated with the movement of ________ to the ________.
  16. One striking aspect of H.M.’s memory deficit is that he
  17. The increase in synaptic strength that occurs in long-term potentiation is due to a physical modification of the synapse to include
  18. Which of the following is an example of an implicit memory task?
  19. The distinction between implicit and explicit memories is that
  20. Which of the following terms are synonymous?
  21. The perforant pathway
  22. Classical conditioning is considered to be a form of
  23. Based on the study of Patient H.M., it has been concluded that
  24. Which of the following is true of motor learning?
  25. In instrumental conditioning, a response that produces a favorable consequence
  26. Subjects with right medial temporal lobe damage would be expected to
  27. Verbal behavior is said to be a lateralized function of the left hemisphere in that
  28. In the study of handedness and hemispheric speech lateralization, what measure was used to determine hemispheric dominance?
  29. The left hemisphere is better than the right hemisphere at
  30. One way to think about Wernicke’s aphasia is that this syndrome is
  31. Damage to the right hemisphere would likely interfere with which function?
  32. Which of the following speech deficits is a common feature of all forms of aphasia?
  33. The key aspect of sound that allows a person to recognize a word resides in
  34. The most recent source of information about the physiology of language is from
  35. People who have Broca’s aphasia
  36. A primary characteristic of Wernicke’s aphasia is
  37. Which of the following is a reliable means by which to determine which side of the brain is dominant for speech?
  38. ________ are examples of function words, while ________ are examples of content words.
  39. A Japanese person who suffers from surface dyslexia would be expected to
  40. Damage to the ________ causes transcortical sensory aphasia.
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