PSYC 365 Quiz 6

PSYC 365 Quiz 6 Liberty University

  1. Which one of the following statements best illustrates a neo-Piagetian approach to cognitive development?
  2. Four-year-old Becky is playing with blocks, stacking them one on top of another until her towers eventually tumble, and then stacking the blocks again. Which one of the following best reflects Piaget’s view of how Becky is probably learning in this situation?
  3. Choose the statement below that most accurately reflects recent research findings concerning Piaget’s theory of cognitive development.
  4. Which one of the following clearly illustrates Piaget’s concept of assimilation?
  5. Which one of the following reflects class inclusion as Piaget described it?
  6. Which one of the following teachers is definitely keeping in mind Piaget’s idea that assimilation and accommodation are both necessary for learning and cognitive development to occur?
  7. Three of the following statements are consistent with neo-Piagetian perspectives of cognitive development. Which statement is not?
  8. Three of the following are examples of scaffolding. Which of the following is not?
  9. Which one of the following is the best example of an authentic activity?
  10. Johansen, a sixth-grade teacher, wants to improve his students’ ability to learn effectively from what they read in their textbooks. Considering research results described in your Human Learning text, which technique should Mr. Johansen use?
  11. Vygotsky proposed that thought and language are:
  12. From Vygotsky’s perspective, why do cultural differences exist in people’s cognitive abilities?
  13. Eight-year-old Julie lives in a rural area where many people are farmers or in some other way make their living through agriculture. After a lengthy summer drought, it begins to rain heavily one day in late July. “Thank goodness!” Julie hears her father exclaim. “Our prayers have finally been answered!” Julie makes a mental note of the cause–effect relationship her father has implied—in particular, that prayer can lead to rain. This situation illustrates Vygotsky’s belief that:
  14. Which one of the following best illustrates the use of base groups in cooperative learning?
  15. According to the textbook, which of the following is a cognitive benefit of video games?
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