PSYC 365 Quiz 4

PSYC 365 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. Which one of the following pairs illustrates two different levels of processing?
  2. When psychologists refer to a dual-store model of memory, they are referring to a model in which:
  3. If you know how to wrap a present, you can probably describe the process to someone else. But, if you know how to skip rope, you may have difficulty explaining what you do to someone else. The difference between these two kinds of knowledge can best be characterized as a difference between:
  4. You know what a computer is, and you also know how to send an email message using a computer. The difference between these two kinds of knowledge can best be characterized as a difference between:
  5. Considering current views regarding the capacity of working memory, which one of the following sets of information could be held entirely in working memory?
  6. When a stray dog wanders into a classroom, all of the students stop their seatwork and watch the teacher try to coax the dog from the room. The students’ attentiveness demonstrates the effect of _______ on attention.
  7. Each of the following teachers is reviewing materials their students will need to know for the upcoming final exam. Three of the following teachers are reviewing in a way that is sensitive to their students’ cognitive load Which teacher is not?
  8. Maria moved to this country several months ago. She has been studying English as a second language but still has much to learn about the language of her new homeland. One day her teacher tells the class, “Bring an empty coffee can to school tomorrow for a project we’re going to do.” Maria hears only two familiar words—”coffee” and “school”—and guesses that her teacher is saying that students should not drink coffee at school. Maria’s misinterpretation illustrates which one of the following?
  1. After his class returns from a field trip to the local historical museum, Mr. Cordova asks his students to write an essay describing the things they learned at the museum. Considering factors that influence memory storage, which one of the following effects should writing the essay have on what the students will later remember about the field trip?
  2. Which one of the following teachers provides the best example of the halo effect?
  3. Of the following four teachers, which one is probably presenting an ambiguous stimulus to students?
  4. After meeting a new neighbor, Shandra mistakenly calls him “David” on several occasions. Eventually, the neighbor kindly corrects her, saying, “My name is actually Darren.” After that, Shandra correctly calls the man “Darren,” but initially she has to work hard notto call him “David” instead. Which one of the following concepts best characterizes the change in Shandra’s memory?
  5. Which one of the following is the best example of a flashbulb memory?
  6. Randall is trying to remember how to spell the word separate. He retrieves the first three letters (S E P) and the last four (R A T E) and assumes that the fourth letter must be E because he usually pronounces the word like this: “SEP-ER-ATE.” Randall’s process of remembering how to spell the word (in this case, incorrectly) illustrates the use of:
  7. Lucy sees a boy who looks very familiar to her, but she can’t remember who he is. Then the boy says something with a thick French accent, and Lucy suddenly realizes that he is the foreign exchange student from France. In this situation, the boy’s French accent helps Lucy remember by:
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