PSYC 312 Quiz 8

PSYC 312 Quiz 8 Liberty University

  1. ________ is to affect as ________ is to cognition.
  2. Jessica isn’t invited to a Super Bowl party her coworkers are throwing because she’s a woman. Jessica is experiencing ________ from her coworkers.
  3. Juliet is Jewish, and is going on a date with a Catholic. “Just don’t bring up abortion—you know all Catholics are pro-life,” cautions her sister. Juliet’s sister is exhibiting the bias known as
  4. Which of the following is an example of discrimination?
  5. Arnold is taking a test which measures his reaction time to faces paired with words. When he responds more slowly to black faces paired with positive words it means he has a
  6. Research has shown that when fate (e.g., a flip of a coin) determines the allocation of rewards for completing a task, participants will often
  7. The belief that one’s own ethnic group, nation, or religion is superior to all others is known as ____.
  8. Both benevolent sexism and hostile sexism are alike in that they
  9. According to your text, as soon as we create a group “us,” we perceive everyone else as “not us.” This leads to __________.
  10. Conditions under which contact situations reduce prejudice include
  11. Alan just met Tina who is from a small rural town in the South. Alan believes that people from the South are narrow-minded, conservatively religious, and prudish. Tina, however, is none of these. What will Alan think?
  12. In the U.S., when times are hard economically and jobs are scarce, realistic conflict theory would predict that
  13. How are stereotypes likely to change? Evidence indicates that
  14. According to your text, why should a police officer who is unaware of who the suspect is conduct the lineup?
  15. When a crime happens quickly and under poor viewing conditions, what stage of memory processing is most likely to be hindered?
  16. A social psychologist would say that the story order of presenting evidence is most effective because it
  17. You are a defense attorney and you are choosing jurors. In order to help your client avoid a severe charge, what sort of jury would you select?
  18. Which of the following is an error in eyewitness testimony that occurs in the storage phase of memory?
  19. __________ refers to the process whereby people notice and pay attention to information in their environment, transforming sensory data into some sort of mental representation.
  20. In jury deliberations ________ and ________ are often used to convince dissenting jurors to adopt the majority point of view.
  21. Julia’s natural parents are Ethiopian, but she was raised by white parents in California. Chances are, she most easily recognizes
  22. You come home from work and find pieces of broken glass on the floor. You realize that your favorite vase was broken. Immediately you blame your new puppy, without even noticing that your toddler’s teddy bear is lying on the floor near the broken glass. The fact that you didn’t see the teddy bear is probably due to
  23. You are an assistant district attorney trying to decide which suspect to try for a burglary case. Each of four eyewitnesses picked a different suspect from a photo lineup. Based on research conducted by Dunning and Stern (1994), which eyewitness would you find most credible?
  24. When jurors view a video of an interrogation, they are most likely to believe the suspect was coerced if they see __________.
  25. Christian, a Caucasian man, and Sung-Yee, a Korean man, are walking to their cars when an Asian man pulls out a knife and demands their wallets. In a lineup, Christian cannot tell which man is the one who attacked him, but Sung-Yee has no problem identifying the culprit. This is an example of
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