PSYC 312 Quiz 4

PSYC 312 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. Which of the following is the best example of a behaviorally based attitude?
  2. Cognitive dissonance theory suggests that when you cannot find sufficient external justification for your actions, you will attempt to find _________, which can lead to attitude change.
  3. A commercial comes on for an arthritis crème. Lachlan has been having some pain in his knees lately, so he’s both motivated and able to attend to the commercial. Therefore, he is more likely to use the ________ route to persuasion.
  4. An attitude based on operant conditioning is formed when a behavior toward an attitude object is
  5. All other things being equal, when a communication is more ________, people are more likely to pay attention to it and process it through the central route.
  6. Public service ads often try to raise fear in an audience to induce people to change unhealthy behaviors. If fear appeals are used, it is crucial to provide the audience with _______ to increase the likelihood of behavior change.
  7. It can be tricky to use fear-arousing communication properly; a moderate amount can lead people to ________ and too much can lead people to ________.
  8. People who base their attitudes on ________ are most likely to maintain their new attitudes over time.
  9. The Yale Attitude Change approach focused on a number of factors that influence the success of a persuasive message. Which of the following best exemplifies source variables as one of those factors?
  10. What type of attitudes best predict spontaneous behavior?
  11. Although affectively based attitudes can be derived from a number of different sources, they are alike in that they tend to be
  12. __________ theory posits that when people feel their freedom threatened, they will work to restore it by performing the threatened behavior.
  13. Charlene typically goes along with what her group of friends wants and asks of her. However, one day she refuses to meet them for smoothies after class. Chances are, Charlene will face little retribution for this as long as she has enough
  14. Priscilla is on her way to a concert and has gotten lost. Which of the following people, based on information from your text about informational social influence, would she be most likely to ask for directions?
  15. If a person deviates from the norms of a group, the first thing the group is likely to do is
  16. When it is important to provide a correct answer and the stakes are high, people are more likely to
  17. To avoid ____, people will agree with a second, even unattractive, request as part of the foot-in-the-door technique.
  18. ________ norms address people’s perceptions of what other people approve of, whereas ________ norms address people’s perceptions of what other people actually do.
  19. Victor goes to a fancy French restaurant. There are utensils on the table that he’s never even seen before, and more spoons and forks than he’s ever seen on one table. Eager to dine in an appropriate and sophisticated way, Victor secretly watches other diners to see what they do. This is an example of
  20. An important feature of informational social influence is that it often leads to
  21. Amanda is assigned to a group to take a quiz (which actually doesn’t count towards the course grade). For one of the questions, she is certain the correct answer is C, but the rest of her group all says the answer is A. Based on information about the Asch line studies, how would Amanda be likely to respond?
  22. Marcia values the opinions and desires of both her parents and her close friends. When she’s with her parents, she finds herself agreeing with them. When she’s with her friends, she finds herself agreeing with them, even though they sometimes disagree with her parents. This change in Marcia’s behavior represents the influence of Bibb Latané’s (1981) concept of ________ on normative conformity.
  23. If you wanted to resist an influence attempt, social impact theory (Latané, 1981) suggests that you should
  24. When it comes to informational social influence processes, we are more likely to conform with experts’ ideas and behaviors than with nonexperts’ because
  25. ________ conformity is to the desire to be right as ________ conformity is to the desire to be liked.
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