PSYC 231 Quiz 8

PSYC 231 Quiz 8 Answers

  1. Rob and Marion are high‑SES parents. Which of the following is probably NOT true of their parenting?
  2. Ceremonies or rituals that mark an individual’s transition from one status to another are called
  3. Which of the following adolescents is MOST likely to live in poverty?
  4. Watching TV has been negatively linked to all of the following EXCEPT
  5. Which of the following statements regarding gender and culture is NOT true?
  6. Many of the families that have immigrated to the United States in recent decades come from
  7. Researchers have found a high level of television viewing in youth is linked to a greater incidence of
  8. After posting pictures of herself on Facebook drinking beer and smoking, Jocylyn, age 19, applies for a job in an upscale boutique. The manager does not hire Jocylyn, saying that her posting on Facebook indicated that she did not have the maturity that the shop manager considered necessary. Jocylyn should know that
  9. Sheila, age 14, tells you that she has almost 200 friends in her online network. She is most likely a member of
  10. In the United States an event that comes closest to culture‑wide rite of passage is Selected Answer: graduation from college.
  11. Evan, age 17, and his friend had in their shared school locker an explicit plan for making a bomb. They said they got it from the Internet. How likely is it that this explanation is TRUE?
  12. Individualistic cultures have higher rates than collectivistic cultures of
  13. Researches suggested three possible reasons that why watching TV is negatively linked to children’s achievement. This includes interference, displacement and
  14. The ability to modify coping strategies to match the demand of the situation is called Selected Answer: coping flexibility.
  15. Hannah, age 22, suffers from an anxiety disorder that requires her to take anti‑anxiety medication in order to function at her job and in her personal life. Hannah has which of the following problems?
  16. Drugs that are derived from the male hormone testosterone are known as
  17. Adolescent researcher Joy Dryfoos has identified three common components of successful programs for preventing or reducing adolescent problems: early identification and intervention, individualized attention, and
  18. Researchers have determined that, compared to clinical approaches, school‑based programs aimed at reducing the number of overweight adolescents are
  19. Adolescent and emerging adult problems are usually categorized as either
  20. Research by Alan Sroufe and colleagues found that anxiety problems in adolescence are linked with
  21. Recent research indicates that the most effective treatment for adolescent girls with anorexia nervosa is
  22. Andrea is extremely fearful of gaining weight. Although she is 20 pounds underweight, she believes that she is fat, and she weighs and measures herself several times each day. Andrea most likely suffers from
  23. Which of the following is used most frequently on a daily basis by high school seniors?
  24. Which of the following adolescents is MOST likely to become overweight?
  25. Research by Alan Sroufe and colleagues has shown a link between avoidant attachment in infancy and _____ in adolescence.
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