PSYC 231 Quiz 5

PSYC 231 Quiz 5 Answers

  1. An integrative approach to moral education encompasses the _____ and ______.
  2. Justin’s school has rules about behaviors, and teachers clearly transmit the attitude that students should be respectful and considerate of others. According to John Dewey, the rules and moral atmosphere of Justin’s school make up its
  3. In a cognitive moral education program, teachers act as
  4. What determines the major difference between cults and other groups?
  5. Gretchen’s moral notions and commitments are central to her life. A developmentalist would say that Gretchen has developed a:
  6. Gates, who teaches World Geography, frequently gives out a test and then leaves the room to pick up his mail in the office or to get coffee. What does research predict Mr. Gates’ students are likely to do while he is out of the room?
  7. Hale has his tenth‑grade honors English class tutor younger children in reading and writing. Mr. Hale’s students are engaged in
  8. Denise helps organize a five‑mile walk to raise money for a good cause, the Brain Injury Association. Denise’s work is an act of
  9. People who have lived exemplary lives are known as:
  10. Which of the following statements about religion and sexual activity is TRUE?
  11. The power went out in the jewelry store where Rick was looking for watches. Although others around him stuffed their pockets with expensive pieces of jewelry and left the store before security could lock the door, Rick resisted the temptation to steal and, instead, waited for the lights to come back on so that he could purchase a watch. Rick’s behavior is an example of what Blasi would call:
  12. Which of the following is a recent trend in religion among adolescents and emerging adults?
  13. A relatively new approach to character education that helps students to develop moral concepts emphasizes
  14. All of the following are recommendations of the Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development EXCEPT
  15. Which of the following statements about sibling relationships is NOT true?
  16. Yasmine’s parents are inconsistently available to her. When she tries to get close to them and they don’t have time for her, she becomes angry. Yasmine has a(n) ________
  17. Which of the following statements about insecure attachment and relationships is NOT true?
  18. It is likely that what percentage of children born to married parents will experience their parents’ divorce?
  19. Which of the following benefits have researchers found to be associated with secure attachment in emerging adulthood?
  20. Sherry and Jason have two children each from previous marriages. When they marry, they create a
  21. The type of insecure attachment in which the adolescent and the parent may mutually distance themselves from each other is
  22. Elise’s parents give her information on an upcoming college fair and talk to her about her potential career choices. Elise’s parents are acting as
  23. Which of the following statements regarding the discontinuity view of relationships is NOT true?
  24. Before Justin’s father remarried, Justin was responsible for mowing the grass, putting the dishes in the dishwasher, and doing his own laundry. Now that Kim has married into the family, Justin is not sure which of his responsibilities he should continue to do. Justin is experiencing
  25. Which of the following statements about intergenerational relationships is TRUE?
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