PSYC 231 Quiz 7

PSYC 231 Quiz 7 Answers

  1. Patrice’s daughter, Amber, has a severe hearing disorder which requires that she have a sign‑language interpreter in order for her to learn. When Patrice meets with the education team, she is given an educational plan that was developed for another student with mild hearing problems. This plan does not meet Amber’s needs. This plan does not meet the standards of
  2. Which of the following statements regarding gifted adolescents is NOT true?
  3. Eddie lives in a housing project for low‑income families. His parents both work hard, but there is little time or extra money for their children. Eddie is most likely to attend a school that has
  4. Which of the following statements regarding secondary‑school experiences in other countries is TRUE?
  5. All of the following are areas of competency in which students are required by the No Child Left Behind Act to be regularly tested EXCEPT
  6. Which of the following statements regarding the direct approach to learning is NOT true?
  7. Which of the following statements regarding Chinese schools is TRUE?
  8. Chen has been given an award by her school district for being a highly effective teacher. Which of the following is most likely to be true of Mrs. Chen?
  9. Experts increasingly advocate that criteria for admission to programs for the gifted should be broadened to include such factors as
  10. Turning Points 2000 continues to endorse the recommendations of Turning Points 1989 but adds a new recommendation for schools to
  11. David, age seven, has been diagnosed with ADHD. All of the following are probably true for David EXCEPT
  12. Jamie has a reading disability. Which of the following approaches to learning would experts recommend for Jamie?
  13. Root has clear classroom rules but students are so busy being absorbed in learning that he rarely has to enforce a rule. As a result, his students are
  14. Elena, a college junior, has gradually been increasing her hours at her job. According to research, Elena may
  15. Claudia is a 23‑year‑old emerging adult. Her transition from school to work is most strongly influenced by her
  16. Petra lives in Russia. What is the probability that she works and attends school?
  17. Justin is extremely goal‑oriented, optimistic, and driven. Carol Dweck would say that Justin has a
  18. Which psychological approaches stress the importance of intrinsic motivation in achievement?
  19. Liam does not have as high an IQ as his twin brother, but Liam persists at his tasks and has confidence that he will be able to solve life’s problems. According to research, we can predict
  20. Which of the following statements regarding intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is TRUE?
  21. Christine wants to be a nursery‑school teacher. While still in high school, she takes a class through which she works part of each day at the day‑care center her school operates for the children of students, teachers, and staff. Christine is participating in
  22. Which of the following statements regarding social comparison is TRUE?
  23. A large‑scale longitudinal study of more than 1,000 students in the United States found all of the following EXCEPT
  24. Luke, age 15, wants to be an engineer. If Luke is like many high‑school students
  25. What differences exist between teacher expectations for high‑achieving students and for low‑achieving students?
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