PSYC 231 Discussion 3

Topic: Moral Development

Max is a thirteen-year-old boy in middle school who comes from good Christian parents and attends church regularly. Max does not like science, and as a consequence, he does not put forth his best effort in class. Currently, Max has a “C” in science. He knows that if he does not get an “A” on his next test his parents will be very upset and will most likely not allow him to play on the soccer team. Because of this, he decides to cheat on his science test. You are a youth worker at his church. Max confesses to you he has cheated on his test.

Using relevant information from the assigned textbook readings and the Bible, address the following prompts:

What factors may have contributed to Max’s decision to cheat despite his moral upbringing?

Why do you think Max chose to tell you, a church youth worker, that he cheated instead of telling his parents?

What advice would you give Max to deal with the situation right away?

What creative intervention would you take in order to make this situation an instructive experience in which Max has the opportunity to develop a lasting, more Godly character?

Make sure that you cite material from the textbook and the Bible as you address these four main issues, and be sure to format your citations according to current APA format.

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