THEO 525 Quiz 3

THEO 525 Quiz 3

THEO525 God’s Work and Humanity

Covers the Learn and Textbook material from Module 5: Week 5 — Module 6: Week 6.

  1. The doctrine of providence teaches us that while God gives all humankind life while he is on the earth, He does not necessarily sustain that life while we are on the earth. In that respect each person is subject to circumstance and choice.
  2. According to Erickson, the passage of Scripture most discussed in regard to the status of the unborn is:
  3. The conscious intermediate state of the person between death and the resurrection is one of the principle evidences used to refute which view?
  4. Using Erickson’s Text and McKim’s article, match the following: Erickson’s view Masterful Ideas Emanation Dualism
  5. The Angelic Doctor was
  6. Match the following: Providence as Preservation Specific Sovereignty General Sovereignty Open Theism
  7. The Concept of “divine racism” was advanced by
  8. Match the following: Trichotomism Dichotomism Monism Conditional Unity
  9. According to Erickson, the Old Testament shows us that God is supremely powerful and that He is a personal God.
  10. According to Erickson, to say that God’s plan is eternal is to say that it does not have a logical sequence.
  11. Erickson and Pun both seem to prefer the view of “progressive creationism” to other competing views regarding the understanding of biblical creation.
  12. Of those in the twentieth century who have explicitly argued against the practice of abortion as discussed by C. Horn, III, which of the following is not one of them.
  13. The biblical doctrine of creation affirms creation out of nothing.
  14. Using Elwell’s text, match the following: Gottfried Leibniz Augustine Irenaeus John Hick
  15. In discussing the purpose and plan of God in the New Testament Erickson discusses the testimony of several individuals including the following. Match the individuals with the best corresponding answer. Jesus Peter John Paul
  16. Using Elwell’s text, match the following: Heiler’s Typology Secular Spirituality Christian Prayer Redemptive Activity of God
  17. According to Erickson, the greatest strength of fiat creationism is its attempts to be faithful to the biblical text.
  18. Using Elwell’s text, match the following: Interactionism Occasionalism Materialism Identity Theory
  19. Erickson discusses the “theological meaning” of the doctrine of creation. Which of the following are in agreement with Erickson’s discussion.
  20. According to Erickson, in the ultimate sense the purpose of the plan of God is:
  21. In Erickson’s view, God works “congruously” with the will of free beings, rendering events certain but not necessary.
  22. In distinguishing “predestination” from “foreordination,” Erickson makes which of the following distinctions?
  23. Roger Nicole uses II Timothy 2:9-15 to argue emphatically that women must never teach in the church.
  24. In Erickson’s view, humans are first and foremost viewed as “relational” beings.
  25. Match the following: Naturalistic Evolution Fiat Creationism Theistic Evolution Progressive Creationism
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