THEO 525 Quiz 2

THEO 525 Quiz 2 Knowing God

Covers the Learn and Textbook material from Module 3: Week 3 — Module 4: Week

  1. McComiskey, in Elwell, argues that the “I Am” of Jesus used in John 8:58 draws a direct connection with
  2. Erickson agrees with Beegle that we should give primary weight to the phenomena of Scripture in developing an understanding of the nature of biblical inspiration.
  3. Which of the following is not one of the aspects of God’s holiness, as discussed in Erickson.
  4. According to Erickson, God cannot know what cannot be known, such as the future.
  5. In relation to the doctrine of the Trinity, please match the following: The Oneness of God The Father is God The Son is God The Holy Spirit is God
  6. Thomas argued that we could prove certain things by reason alone. Which of the following was NOT one of those listed.
  7. In Rennie’s discussion, which of the following is NOT one of the “entities” which comprise the theory of verbal inspiration?
  8. Match the appropriate description or example with each attribute. Personality Life Infinity Constancy
  9. Match the following: Communicable Attributes Natural Attributes Moral Attributes Transitive Attributes
  10. R. Williams noted that from the perspective of Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Classical Protestantism, holiness has been viewed in a variety of ways. Match the following concepts with the best answer for each. Asceticism Mysticism Ecclesiastical Discipline Perfectionism
  11. Erickson would agree that God is the Author of the Bible.
  12. Match the following: Intuition Theory Illumination Theory Dynamic Theory Dictation Theory
  13. Erickson would agree that God’s “truth” should be acknowledged regardless of where we find it-even if it is contained in a false religion.
  14. Erickson argues that the locus of general revelation in the human is evident from:
  15. Match with the best answer. Realism Nominalism God’s perfection God is real
  16. Revelation as history describes the thinking of which of the following.
  17. According to Erickson, there is common ground between believers and unbelievers.
  18. According to Erickson, God’s love prevails over his justice, making salvation possible for sinners.
  19. The natural limitation and the moral limitation of fallen humanity constitute the two major reasons why special revelation from God was necessary.
  20. Match the following: Holiness, Righteousness, Justice Genuineness, Veracity, Faithfulness Benevolence, Grace, Mercy, Persistence Love and Justice
  21. At least in the Western Church, Athanasius was considered a great champion of Christological Orthodoxy.
  22. Give the BEST answer. According to Erickson, “divine speech” may be:
  23. Which of the following represents an argument used by Erickson to support the Bible’s own witness to its divine origin?
  24. Erickson believes the Bible is inspired, but we cannot formulate a theory of inspiration.
  25. According to Gordon Lewis, in his article on the “Attributes of God,”                                                           
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