PADM 462 Quiz 2 Politics

PADM 462 Quiz: Politics of the Budgetary Process

  1. How do tax breaks constitute a missed opportunity?
  2. What according to the text, are considerations necessary in determining the mix of revenue a state or locality will adopt?
  3. The __________is a measure of good and services purchased during a given time and provides a means of gauging inflation.
  4. transfers take money from one appropriation account or fund for a designated purpose and spend it in another fund or appropriation account.
  5. A ________refers to how inflation affects government spending power.
  6. At the state and local level, this branch of government tends to be stronger in the budget process
  7. The budget process is important because
  8. dollars reflect the value of money on the date used.
  9. More than other characteristics of the public budget, the budget process represents
  10. A balance budget is a requirement of the _________ level of government
  11. States and localities in the United States have similar budget processes
  12. Why would a budget analyst adjust for inflation?
  13. The purpose of preparing decision packages is
  14. Refer to Table 7.1 on page 49 of Chen et al., assuming sales and gross receipts for 1993 begins on B4 what would be the formula for calculating constant 2012 dollars compared to 2009
  15. One of the biggest fights for power in the public budget process is between___________ and
  16. is a decline in purchasing power of money over time.
  17. A powerful tool for executives at the state level, governors, is
  18. mandates represent a challenge for both state and local governments
  19. Why is the requested amount in a cost estimate not necessarily the amount requested?
  20. Refer to Figure 7.2-on page 50 of Chen et al., the graph reveals that revenue generated by a locality are keeping pace with inflation and revenue generated by user fees does not need to be increased.
  21. ________________ dollars are also known as real dollars.
  22. Refer to Table 7.2 on page 51 of Chen et al., what is the base year?
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