PADM 462 Quiz 1 What is Budget

PADM 462 Quiz: What is a Public Budget?

Covers the Learn material from Module 1: Week 1.

  1. budgeting focuses on developing measurements to evaluate if inputs produced desired outcomes rather than just increasing spending.
  2. budgets are funded through borrowing rather than tax revenues.
  3. A budget is a plan of action expressed in…
  4. The actors involved in budgeting have _________________ motivations and goals.
  5. A __________________ can provide a uniform definition for all possible financial transactions.
  6. In ____________________ budgeting, there is a focus on effectiveness and efficiency.
  7. This decision-making cluster deals with questions of whether balance should be achieved by increasing revenues, decreasing expenditures, or both
  8. One of the advantages of __________ budgeting is the need for a minimal amount of staff in order to create and track a budget
  9. Zero-based budgeting:
  10. budgets establish a budget for day to day expenditures.
  11. summarize and understand complex governmental budgets by stating how governments use their resources over time.
  12. This legislation represents a significant constraint on public budgets
  13. Which of the following best defines ‘Revenue’ as a budgetary term?
  14. expenditures refer to expensive and long- lasting goods.
  15. This budget format is the oldest used by states and cities
  16. The _______ orientation or perspective views the budget strictly as a technical document.
  17. Which of the following is not a function of budgeting?
  18. funds are used for every day expenses.
  19. This level of government is not required to balance its budget every year.
  20. A Fund is
  21. How are public budgets different than private budgets?
  22. Why is the public budgeting process a craft according to Chen et al?
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