WRSP 501 Quiz God’s Kingdom

WRSP 501 Quiz: God’s Kingdom and Worship History

Covers the Learn material from Module 1: Week 1 — Module 4: Week 4.

  1. God makes a unilateral covenant to preserve his creation with the:
  2. The tower of Babel is a symbol of human attempts to create a perfect world by our own efforts.
  3. According to Mathena, man’s greatest failure is his failure to:
  4. Apocalypse means:
  5. The partial kingdom is a shadow of the perfect kingdom that God will establish.
  6. Studying worship history is:
  7. The printing press aided in the common man receiving access to the Bible.
  8. God’s covenant with Abraham demonstrates the:
  9. The Holy Spirit has been given for the purpose of helping believers share the good news of Christ.
  10. The Garden of Eden demonstrates the:
  11. It can be assumed that the closer we get to the worship practices of those men who were eyewitnesses to Christ’s earthly ministry, the closer we can get to what real New Testament worship was like.
  12. John Calvin advocated for congregations to sing only Psalms.
  13. In the middle ages, the congregation did not participate in the worship service.
  14. God spoke to the people of Israel and Judah through prophets, which demonstrates the:
  15. In the middle ages, worship services were conducted in Latin.
  16. Jesus introduces the kingdom of God in order to:
  17. According to Roberts, the Bible consists of:
  18. The name “Protestant” comes from the word “Protest”.
  19. According to Mathena and Genesis 1:26, humans are designed to:
  20. The purpose of redemption is relationship.
  21. The continual disobedience of Israel represents the:
  22. In 2 Chronicles 20, Jehoshaphat’s primary weapon for battle was:
  23. According to Mathena, the Hebrew people believed that _________ gave meaning to their present and hope for their future.
  24. The kingdom of God is defined as God’s people in God’s place under God’s rule and blessing.
  25. Jesus was created by God the Father.
  26. In the Early Church, services took place in a same weekly location.
  27. God commands the Israelites to obey his law through the:
  28. We have been ____________ to worship.
  29. The Holy Spirit:
  30. In the partial kingdom, God redeems the Israelites after they receive the ten commandments.
  31. Every individual part of the tabernacle reveals a different facet of Christ’s character as it relates to the worship of the Father. Jesus, as the mercy seat represents:
  32. The word “alleluia” means:
  33. According to Mathena, our earthly bodies are:
  34. According to Roberts, Adam and Eve eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was a sin of law-making.
  35. The Early Church incorporated scripture readings and spontaneous prayers into their services.
  36. After the Israelites break their covenant, God makes a new covenant which leads to a changed heart and complete forgiveness, called the:
  37. It is important to study the worship practices of the early church during the first centuries because of:
  38. According to Mathena, a historical perspective is critical to:
  39. According to Mathena, our God is a God who acts:
  40. Early Christian worship modeled what believers had experienced in Jewish synagogues.
  41. The ___________ were one of the first people groups to record their history.
  42. Jesus is the:
  43. Every individual part of the tabernacle reveals a different facet of Christ’s character as it relates to the worship of the Father. Jesus, as the laver represents:
  44. Martin Luther advocated that only professional choirs should sing during services.
  45. The delay in Christ’s return to allow for more people to hear the good news represents the:
  46. The promises of the kingdom will all be completely fulfilled in the proclaimed kingdom.
  47. God promises to raise up a great nation and give them a land to live in through the:
  48. The New Testament leads us to expect a new physical temple will be built to fulfill the Old Testament promises.
  49. Christians are to worship god with:
  50. In the middle ages, priests taught that salvation was by grace alone.
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