JURI 510 Essay Civil and Islamic Legal

JURI 510 Research Essay 2 Civil and Islamic Legal Traditions Assignment

OVERVIEW For this assignment, we analyze the Islamic legal tradition. This tradition has many different interpretations in our world, but like most legal traditions it is unique in its history and traditions. This tradition, referred to by our textbook author as the law of later revelation, has connections to the other legal traditions you have already studied. Considering what we learned about the Civil Law tradition last module; we will compare the two legal traditions. This assignment hones your research and writing and sharpens your analytical skills by requiring you to identify similarities between two legal traditions that seem vastly different.

INSTRUCTIONS Over the past two Modules: Weeks you have examined two different legal traditions: Civil and Islamic. The Civil legal tradition focuses on the individual while Islamic legal tradition focuses on the revelation. At first glance, these two systems may seem vastly different.

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