EDUC 741 Improvement Plan

EDUC 741 Improvement Plan


EDUC 741 Part 2 – Data Analysis and Goals

EDUC 741 Part 3 – Implementation Plan

EDUC 741 Part 4 – PowerPoint Presentation

The candidate will develop a School Improvement Plan. This assignment is to be completed in 4 Parts: Vision Analysis and Revision Process, Data Analysis and Goals, Implementation Plan, and PowerPoint Presentation. There are two types of paths for this assignment: K-12 School Improvement Plan and Higher Education Improvement Plan. The K-12 Improvement Plan will focus on a K-12 school setting for this assignment. The Higher Education Improvement Plan will focus on a college/university setting for this assignment. If the candidate is seeking licensure, the candidate must complete the K-12 Improvement Plan.

Part 2 – Data Analysis and Goals

The candidate will collect multiple types of school data to analyze and interpret the data to create 3-5 SMART goals for school improvement. The candidate will also explain how the goals relate to the school’s vision and express how community members are meaningfully involved in the school’s needs assessment process.  The candidate will explain how the results of the needs assessment will be communicated to all stakeholders. (CLO: D, E)

Part 3 – Implementation Plan

The candidate will take the results of the data analysis and goals to create an implementation plan for school improvement outlining the following aspects: resource management, implementation, and monitoring of progress. The candidate will provide a budget of resources needed, describe the specific plan to implement identified goals, and explain the system for regularly monitoring, evaluating and revising the improvement plan. (CLO: D, E)

Part 4 – PowerPoint Presentation

The candidate will create a PowerPoint presentation to summarize the key elements of the vision, needs assessment, and goals of the improvement plan.  The candidate will convey the vision articulation along with integrity, fairness, and ethics regarding how decisions were made for the improvement plan. (CLO: D, E)

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