OBST 650 Quiz 1

OBST 650 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. Genesis, as a piece of ancient literature is almost completely similar if not equivalent to other ancient Near Eastern writings.
  2. Which of the following is listed as a barrier to the study/understanding of the book of Genesis by Ross
  3. Conservative scholarship has generally followed the traditional view of authorship which states that Moses wrote Genesis.
  4. The New Testament never explicitly refers to Genesis as the work of Moses.
  5. Which of the following initials have been used by liberals to identify different potential sources behind Genesis
  6. Allen Ross believes that the liberal assumption that certain features of the text prove multiple authorship is warranted and convincing .
  7. The form criticism approach seeks to determine which of the following in order to reconstruct the original tradition and to relate the texts to the people and institutions of ancient Israel.
  8. Two factors that shaped form criticism include archaeological discoveries and an emphasis on oral tradition.
  9. Which of the following categories of form or genre are often employed in narratives?
  10. Form criticism assumes that poetic composition lies behind the stories in Genesis
  11. Which of the following approach analyzes the compositional, historical, ideological, and psychological elements of the Hebrew text for the purpose of discovering the formation and transmission of Israelite traditions in the pre-literary stage?
  12. In recent years biblical scholars have been concerned more with the origin and transmission of the narratives than they are with the literary shape of the present form of the text.
  13. According to the author (Ross) the basic meaning of a text must be tied to its historical setting and purpose.
  14. On a broad level, many have observed differences in style between which portions of Genesis
  15. Which of the following elements best describe Allen Ross’s method for studying Genesis
  16. Allen Ross’s commentary is less concerned with the literary and theological aspects of the text and more concerned with the grammatical and syntactical elements.
  17. A single literary unit in Genesis may contain several different genres.
  18. A single story may contain which of the following
  19. Lower criticism is synonymous with textual criticism.
  20. Which of the following methodologies/activities is concerned with the authorship, date, occasion, and unity of the text?
  21. The narratives of Genesis give the impression that the events therein happened and the rest of the Bible confirms this view.
  22. What kinds of words deserve special attention when interpreting a passage?
  23. According to the author, it will always be the case that only one interpretation of a particular form or construction will make any good sense in the context
  24. The formulation of an exegetical outline provides a safeguard that aids the exposition of a passage in its endeavor to reflect the point of the story and correlate all the parts correctly.
  25. It is important to compare the ideas found in Genesis to that which is found in the New Testament from the very beginning of one’s study of any passage in the Pentateuch.
  26. One’s theological conclusions of Genesis must be validated with the rest of God’s revelation.
  27. Which of the following is a forefather in the study of myth in Genesis is
  28. Brevard Childs believes that the essence of myth is
  29. According to most scholars, myth is merely symbolic
  30. Accordingly to the author, reality in the Old Testament differs radically from the prevailing view of the ancient world.
  31. Which of the following is NOT a reason why some believe Genesis 1-11 cannot be considered historical
  32. The Hebrew’s view of time was not cyclical but                                        .
  33. According to Ross, mythology is foreign to the Hebrews’ concept of reality.
  34. is the study of causes.
  35. According to Ross, determining the genre of Genesis is a relatively easy matter.
  36. “Myth” as a possible genre for the narratives of Genesis must be ruled out according to Allen Ross.
  37. Which of the following genres may be included in individual sections of Genesis.
  38. The final product of Genesis is a theological shaping of the reports and traditions for the instruction of Israel under the Sinaitic covenant.
  39. According to the author, the first concern one must have when interpreting Genesis is to relate each word to the covenantal concerns of the law.
  40. Genesis is part of the
  41. According to                            , humans were created, multiplied to fill the earth, and survived a flood via a boat.
  42. Most modern scholars are will to call Genesis “history”
  43. According to Ross, History, in contrast to exact sciences, is a social science in which conditions never repeat
  44. typically diminish(es) Genesis’ value as history .
  45. At the center of Israel’s interest in the interpretation of history is the                      .
  46. According to Allen Ross, the biblical account in Genesis is actually a unique distillation of history.
  47. The two major centers of civilization preceding Israel were                             .
  48. Some believe that Genesis should not be counted as history because of the intertwining of religious ideas with the events therein .
  49. The supernatural elements of Genesis do not count against its contents as real history for the majority of scholars.
  50. The exegesis of a passage must demonstrate the unity and progression of the narrative.
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