OBST 515 Exam 1

OBST 515 Exam 1 Liberty University

  1. Which of the following does not support a literal six-day creation?
  2. Let us make man in our image:
  3. The two main divisions in the book of Genesis are:
  4. What was the sign of the covenant given to Abraham by the Lord in Genesis 17?
  5. What other feast/holy day in Israel was specifically connected to Passover?
  6. This group was given an especially holy status because of the events of the Passover:
  7. What prevented Israel from being destroyed after their worship of the golden calf?
  8. The references to Dan in Gen. 14:14 and to kings in Gen. 36:31 are significant in that:
  9. The Stele of Merneptah is important for the history of Israel in that:
  10. The early date of the Exodus places this event:
  11. Which of the following is not an excuse that Moses made to God?
  12. When the Pharaoh stated he did not know God; he was inferring which of the following?
  13. Which of the following help to define the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart?
  14. God did not harden Pharaoh’s heart until after the:
  15. The concept of the word Passover means the following:
  16. The large population of Israel coming out of Egypt is supported by:
  17. How long did the journey take from Egypt to the Sinai?
  18. The children of Israel faced the following crises during their travel to Sinai:
  19. Moses functioned in the following positions:
  20. How many of the 10 Commandments were negative statements?
  21. The Abrahamic covenant promised him:
  22. The following is true of the Noahic flood:
  23. You should not kill is best understood as:
  24. The most difficult commandment to prove is:
  25. Which of the following offerings are stated as a pleasing odor to the Lord?
  26. Which of the following are common elements among the sacrifices?
  27. The people were to do which of the following on the day of Atonement?
  28. To reclaim something that was promised to God, a person had to add:
  29. The responsibility for dismantling the tabernacle was given to:
  30. The Nazirite did not have to abstain from which of the following?
  31. Genesis contains the principles of marriage within the creation order.
  32. Christian believers are no longer under the Mosaic Law, but obedience remains a part of the New Covenant.
  33. Males and females are made in the image of God.
  34. The knowledge of good and evil provided moral autonomy to make good or bad choices.
  35. Adam and Eve had no shame before the fall.
  36. In Genesis, Satan can be understood as a title that represents what he is.
  37. Adam was present when Eve was tempted by the serpent..
  38. God may have rejected Cain’s sacrifice because it was given from the cursed earth.
  39. The sons of God are best understood as angelic demons who had sex with women.
  40. The giving of Hagar to Abraham was a common practice in that day.
  41. Esau grabbed the heel of Jacob while they were in the womb.
  42. The final fulfillment of the Abrahamic covenant was dependent on his faithfulness.
  43. The name Manasseh reminded Joseph of God’s help to forget the past.
  44. The name Ephraim reminded Joseph that God would make him fruitful..
  45. Abraham understood that his descendants would be in bondage for hundreds of years.
  46. The genealogy of Moses and Aaron provided a complete history of their lineage.
  47. The 10 plagues may have been a polemic against some of the gods of Egypt.
  48. God sought to kill Moses because he did not circumcise his son.
  49. An apodictic law is a direct command..
  50. A casuistic law establishes a specific principle for prosecution.
  51. The Code of Hammurabi copied laws from the Mosaic Code.
  52. A Levite had to offer a personal sacrifice before he could enter the priesthood.
  53. The priest was both a celebrant and educator.
  54. Impurity and sinfulness are identical terms.
  55. Leprosy was a generic term for many skin diseases.
  56. The Day of Atonement was the only time blood was carried into the Holy of Holies.
  57. To be “cut off” meant the same thing as being “put to death”.
  58. Holiness is best achieved by withdrawing from society.
  59. The Passover could be postponed for an individual in special circumstances.
  60. Provide a brief explanation of the following components for Genesis. You must complete the essay by providing an outline (1–6) of each component so that the instructor can clearly identify your answers.
  • 1) historical period and date
  • 2) argument
  • 3) purpose
  • 4) 4–5 major themes
  • 5) citation of key verse(s) but do not quote the verse(s)
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