OBST 515 Exam 3

OBST 515 Exam 3 Liberty University

  1. Which of the following contrast Samuel to Hophni and Phinehas?
  2. While Eli was High Priest, there was one major thing that was rare to occur.
  3. How many times did the Lord call Samuel and Eli misunderstood?
  4. Eli falls backward and dies because:
  5. Which of the following did not trouble the Philistines because they had the ark?
  6. Which was not limited by the law for the king?
  7. Which of the following represents a reason why Israel wanted a king?
  8. Saul disobeyed Samuel and the Lord by:
  9. David was not recommended to Saul because he was a(n):
  10. The word “house” is used in 2 Samuel to represent:
  11. David demanded to Nathan that the thief restore what number of sheep?
  12. Which of the following were not loyal to David?
  13. The following acted as spies for David during Absalom’s rebellion.
  14. The three-year famine during David’s reign was caused by:
  15. David choose which of the following judgements for taking the census?
  16. David directed Solomon to kill:
  17. God gave Solomon which of the following:
  18. Solomon attained foreign wives for:
  19. Solomon took wives from the:
  20. The kingdom split into Israel and Judah because:
  21. Jeroboam took control of the people by:
  22. Elah, Shallum and Hoshea were known for:
  23. The primary avenues for Israelites to inquiry of the Lord were:
  24. The primary ministry of Elijah was during the reign of:
  25. Baal was stated to control:
  26. A double share means a person gets:
  27. Uzziah sinned by:
  28. Which King of Judah received the most condemnation?
  29. Northern Israel went into captivity to the:
  30. Sennacherib besieged Jerusalem under what king?
  31. Samuel means “his name is God.”
  32. Five gold tumors and mice probably represented five Philistine cities.
  33. The name “Ebenezer” means a “stone of trouble.”
  34. Samuel held the three positions of prophet, priest and king.
  35. God had Samuel anoint Saul as the King of Israel.
  36. Gibeah was a city of “loyal soldiers” who helped Saul.
  37. Samuel asked the Lord for a thunderstorm during the dry season of the wheat harvest.
  38. God does not repent like a man because His standards are not arbitrary.
  39. According to other biblical texts, David may have had an assistant when he killed Goliath.
  40. The name “Ishbosheth” means “man of fame.”
  41. The Lord blessed Uzzah because he steadied the ark.
  42. David was criticized because he took the spoils of war for himself.
  43. According to the lectures, David kept Bathsheba with him for an extended time before he sent her home.
  44. Uriah did not know that he was delivering his death sentence.
  45. David took Bathsheba and violated several commandments.
  46. Absalom plotted Amnon’s death over two years for the rape of his sister.
  47. Solomon’s life was filled with profits and not prophets.
  48. Solomon, like David was promised unconditional blessings in life.
  49. Solomon addressed issues inside and outside of Israel, nationally and internationally.
  50. Solomon transfered 20 northern cities to Hiram.
  51. The sin of immorality often led to idolatry.
  52. The northern kingdom had 8 good kings out of 19.
  53. Rehoboam listened to the wise counsel of the elders.
  54. Elijah fled to Philistia which was the home area of Jezebel.
  55. Obadiah called Elijah my lord while Ahab called him a troublemaker.
  56. The prophets of Baal at Mt. Carmel were allowed to flee the country after Elijah brought down fire.
  57. Naboth rejected Ahab’s offer based on principles from the Law.
  58. The Lord used evil Jeroboam II to save Israel.
  59. Sennacherib is known in other ancient documents
  60. Josiah was moved to reformation because he found the Word of the Lord.
  61. Provide a brief explanation of the following components for 2 Kings. You must complete the essay by providing an outline (1–6) of each component so that the instructor can clearly identify your answers.
  • historical period and date
  • argument
  • purpose
  • 4–5 major themes
  • citation of key verse(s) but do not quote the verse(s)
  • basic outline of the structure
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