OBST 515 Exam 4

OBST 515 Exam 4 Liberty University

  1. 1-2 Chronicles emphasizes:
  2. Reuben forfeited his birthright because:
  3. Asaph was best known for his:
  4. Uzzah died when he touched the ark because:
  5. The Chronicler stated that David took the census because:
  6. David was not allowed to build the temple because:
  7. The death casualty in Israel when Jeroboam went to war against Judah was:
  8. Ahaz was an evil king and practiced:
  9. Sennacherib died because:
  10. Which of the following is not a time of Israel’s return?
  11. Cyrus issued the edict for Jews to return to Israel because:
  12. The enemies who tried to stop Zerubbabel and the Jews were:
  13. What two prophets helped get the temple construction going again?
  14. Which of the following was not an enemy of Nehemiah and Israel?
  15. Nehemiah concentrated his building project on:
  16. The Nehemiah covenant with the people included:
  17. Eliashib, the high priest improperly allowed who to live in the temple precinct?
  18. What element is not mentioned in Esther?
  19. The beauty contest by Xerxes happened:
  20. What relative of Mordecai was probably deported in 597?
  21. Being hung on a gallows during the time of Esther included:
  22. Esther was written during the dominance of which of the following empires?
  23. Xerxes read the kingdom annals because:
  24. Haman wanted the man to be honored by the king to:
  25. Haman was hung on the:
  26. The Jews who defended themselves in Esther did not:
  27. The feast of Purim was probably named after:
  28. Mordecai became:
  29. Which of the following was not a contemporary of the others?
  30. The book of Ezra was written in what languages?
  31. The Davidic monarchy received a more positive depiction in Chronicles.
  32. The tribe of Reuben is replaced by Joseph’s son.
  33. The lineage of Aaron provided the high priests.
  34. Three mighty men secretly entered Jericho to get David a drink of water.
  35. The principle task of the Levites was to collect the money.
  36. The ark was moved to Solomon’s temple during the Passover.
  37. The extent of Solomon’s kingdom fulfilled the Abrahamic Covenant.
  38. Jehoshaphat and Ahab were killed in the battle for Ramoth Gilead.
  39. Joash was the youngest king when he began to reign at 7.
  40. Uzziah was struck with leprosy because of his rebellion.
  41. Pharaoh Neco tried to convince King Josiah that God was with Neco.
  42. Cyrus worshipped Bel and Nebo.
  43. Isaiah prophesied about Cyrus more than 150 years before Cyrus made the decree.
  44. Ezra led about 75000 Jews make to Israel.
  45. All the Jews were filled with joy when the temple was rededicated.
  46. Xerxes is known as Ahasuerus in the Book of Esther.
  47. Cyrus told Tattenai to do nothing to help the Jews.
  48. Ezra was of the lineage of David.
  49. Daniel had prophesied 95 years earlier about Artaxerxes.
  50. Those who built the wall worked while holding a weapon.
  51. The enemies of Nehemiah plotted to assassinate him.
  52. When Nehemiah went back to Persia, the people obeyed the Lord.
  53. The book of Esther is considered a historical book.
  54. Mordecai, as a Jew, was not allowed to hold government offices.
  55. Esther was willing to die when she approached the King.
  56. The King charged Haman with accosting Queen Esther.
  57. The king rescinded his decree so that the Jews could defend themselves.
  58. The Feast of Purim is one of many celebrations that were in the Mosaic Law.
  59. The revenge of the Jews killed over 176,000 men but spared Haman’s sons.
  60. Esther like Ruth had many children.
  61. Provide a brief explanation of the following components for Ezra. You must complete the essay by providing an outline (1–6) of each component so that the instructor can clearly identify your answers.
  • 1) historical period and date
  • 2) argument
  • 3) purpose
  • 4) 4–5 major themes
  • 5) citation of key verse(s) but do not quote the verse(s)
  • 6) basic outline of the structure
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