MILT 275 Quiz Establishing

MILT 275 Quiz: Establishing What Has Been Implemented

Covers the Learn material from Module 7: Week 7.

  1. Which of the following factors are NOT included in comprehensive fitness?
  2. What does military leadership consider “signature injuries of our latest conflicts”?
  3. In terms of Know Your Enemy, wounds from friends do NOT come in whatform?
  4. There is a clear demarcation between the storm and the recovery which iswhy an individual should press into God.
  5. Which Psalm illustrates that without God David has nothing?
  6. With Guard Your Primary Relationships, the author states that individualsshould press hard into whom?
  7. In Call 911, other than calling for emergency personal, what else might an individual do
  8. For Christians, what IV does the author consider critical?
  9. How many resilience builders are there?
  10. Spiritual Disciplines to keep spiritually fit include devotional times, prayer,and trancendental meditation.
  11. What is an important anchor for our souls and helps an individual maintainhope?
  12. In Know Your Calling, calling is defined as a deep sense of conviction topursue noble goals and is very important.
  13. The author defines courage as the ability to work through the fear toaccomplish a small task.
  14. The following are all categories of Bouncing back except which one?
  15. Between which two phases should an individual not relax?
  16. Which piece of armor does the author focus on in Know Your Equipment?
  17. The simple equation that God provided is Faith –Fear = Courage.
  18. Which acronym in emergency assistance classes is used to remind one what to do first?
  19. Preparing for healthy psychological responses to adverse circumstances is considered which part of mental fitness?
  20. Which of the following are benefits of physical fitness?
  21. When an individual deploys with the right mindset they are?
  22. Which is the most dangerous phase and the most challenging of the resilience journey?
  23. Which warriors can an individual NOT obtain faith from?
  24. Which of the following is included in Weather the Storm?
  25. Which of the following is NOT an upstream suggestion for Know Your Friends?
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