MILT 275 Quiz Resiliency

MILT 275 Quiz: Resiliency, Faith, and Research

Covers the Learn material from Module 8: Week 8.

  1. The Values Map does not depict an individual’s most basic core values that they seek to live out.
  2. What does the author mean by sing a new song?
  3. The spiritual aspect of Comprehensive Personal Fitness does not involve which of the following?
  4. Which person in the Bible does the author apply the Bible Resilience chapter to?
  5. In which of these areas does the author want individuals to learn and adapt?
  6. According to the author, grief is a reality that can be avoided since it is different for everyone.
  7. What is the key reason trauma sufferers get stuck in their recovery?
  8. According to the text, the entire grief process will take how long to resolve?
  9. The principle of stewardship is to release our grip on what is in our hands and allow God to use it to benefit others.
  10. Which Resilience Life Cycle phase is Keep Breathing a part of?
  11. A personal relationship with God can prepare an individual to get through a traumatic event.
  12. Comprehensive Personal Fitness does not include balancing relational aspects of an individual’s life.
  13. How can we use our suffering with others?
  14. New normal is a term used in the military to include new conditions such as warriors transitioning out of the military.
  15. Which Resilience Life Cycle phase is Know Your Friends a part of?
  16. Practicing your declinations means to learn to accept graciously.
  17. What is the term that the gentleman in Dallas introduced to the author in Chapter 8?
  18. What is critical in getting “unstuck” from the effects of trauma and moving on?
  19. The fundamentals of what discussed in Resilient Warriors can make potentially all the difference for anyone who faces trauma?
  20. Which Resilience Life Cycle phase is Grieve Well a part of?
  21. Faith does not matter.
  22. Which answer below will new beginnings of “sing a new song” NOT be?
  23. Who is the Ultimate Resilient Warrior?
  24. What was Jesus’ most traumatic moment?
  25. Another reason why individuals get stuck in the grieving and healing process is?
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